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Local writer Barry Evans has published “The Humbook”, a book of essays on the history, hikes, geography, and flora and fauna of Humboldt County.

The essays originally appeared in the North Coast Journal as part of Evans’ “Field Notes” column.

“I had this idea for a while, picking out my 70 Humboldt-themed ‘Field Notes’ columns… and putting them in one compilation, but life continued to bother me – until COVID” Evans said in an email interview with Time-Standard.

“Suddenly I had some free time,” he said, “and” The Humbook “is the result.”

Evans got the idea for this new book after hearing from people at local bookstores that people were “hungry” for books on Humboldt County.

“So,” he said, “that was a natural goal for me. I’m insatiably curious about where I live.

Its locally focused essays run the gamut – from Humboldt County’s early road and rail routes and local mazes to the Mad River Canal and Grasshopper Peak… and more.

“The Humbook” is the latest book by writer Eureka Barry Evans. (Courtesy of Barry Evans)

Evans and his wife, Louisa Rogers, moved to Humboldt County 20 years ago. Evans – a civil engineer by training – has also written two “science-lite” books for McGraw-Hill and has five anthologies based on his “Field Notes” columns: “Field Notes”, “Son of Field Notes”, “Bride of Field Notes, ”“ The Revenge of the Field Notes ”and“ The Curse of the Field Notes. ”These essays cover topics ranging from linguistics and cosmology to space science and technology.

“The Humbook” can be purchased from Eureka Books and the Booklegger in Old Town Eureka, Northtown Books in Arcata, or directly from Evans at [email protected]

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