Writer’s Block is just a myth


When you engage in a creative endeavor like writing, you will often be faced with what has been described as writer’s block.

The deadline is fast approaching, the editor is waiting for your article but the mind is frozen. You are looking at a blank page. You can barely type a coherent sentence. You type, delete. Type, delete. Nothing makes sense. What to do? Walk away … give up?

I thought about these questions often until I recently stumbled upon Seth Godin’s latest book The Practice- Shipping Creative Work, in which the author argues that writer’s block is a myth, a story. baseless that we tell ourselves when we are faced with fear – the fear that we may not do a good or perfect job, not meet certain expectations.

Accepting the writer’s block, according to Godin, is like expecting to run a marathon without getting tired. The only difference between the few who finish a marathon and the majority who don’t is that the finishers “know where to put their fatigue”.

“Everyone who creates feels resistance. All those who are seriously engaged in the deep effort to invent and ship original works feel fear… the question is, where do you put the fear? ”

As a program editor, I have come to understand that my prime-time newscast doesn’t go on air because it’s ready, it goes on air because it is. ‘it’s seven or nine o’clock! This is the time that we have committed to with our viewers and so we have to ship, ready or not. Often, many of the newsletter articles are not ready for release! According to Godin, we don’t deliver because we are creative; we are creative because we ship.

Writer Isaac Asimov has published over 400 books, how did he do it? By simply waking up each morning, standing in front of your typewriter and typing. said Godin; “We don’t write because we want to. We want it because we write. Any worthwhile project is worth getting started.

So the next time you’re feeling stuck – when you hit the so-called writer’s block – show up, get started, and commit to the process. The muse will find you down the road.

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