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This letter follows two counterpoints published last week in the Star News. One was written by Cindy Rohde regarding the COVID vaccine and the other was written by Paula Benfer regarding parent participation in school board meetings.

I will first address what Mrs Rohde had to say. She said it is up to us to get vaccinated or not. If we don’t, then we have to accept the health consequences of that choice. Sadly, the only choice I know of is to put something in your body that you don’t agree with or lose your job.

Ms. Rohde, since when have you cared so compassionately about the health of the unvaccinated? Your letter from last year indicated how appalled you were at the unmasked “Republicans” standing next to you in the grocery store, putting your life at risk. You even went so far as to say that they didn’t even care about their own loved ones. I’m curious what you think of the maskless rioters who destroyed our cities last year and the 15,000 illegal immigrants who were recently scattered across the country untested and unvaccinated. You must be pissed off by this, right?

Certainly you have to understand the hypocrisy that a woman has the right to choose what to do with her own body when it comes to aborting her baby, while others have no right to. choose what they put in their own body. Is one less harmful to your neighbor than the other?

What I appreciate most about Ms Rohde’s letter last week is her valuable advice that we drunkards shouldn’t rely on a guy we meet at the bar for information on the vaccine, nor on our neighbor’s cousin who heard something. talk radio. Rather, we should survey many doctors until we find one who says yes to the vaccine. I remember that the writer who elicited Ms. Rohde’s counterpoint last week meticulously cited all of her sources, but Ms. Rohde had none to offer. Where do your sources come from? Fake news CNN, dishonest Dr. Fauci or the lousy CDC?

Now let’s move on to Ms Benfer’s letter, which, believe it or not, was much more blatant and arrogant than Ms Rohde’s. After introducing herself as a 36-year-old retired educator and raising two children who obtained several advanced university degrees, she explained how the education system works. “There is a ‘chain of command’,” she said. At the top of this chain of command is the superintendent, followed by administrators, principals and teachers. They are busy doing their job, seeking guidance and validation along this chain. Ms Benfer suggested that parents just need to shut up and accept the authoritarian government bureaucracy that works so hard for the common good of all public students. How selfish parents are to think only of their own children.

Well, I have some news to share with Ms. Benfer. The apex of this “chain of command” does not belong to the superintendent; it belongs to the taxpaying voters. You accuse these taxpayer parents of being guided by a political agenda, yet it is your political agenda that they denounce. School districts across the country are introducing far-left programs and policies that inspire parents to take action. Their demand for transparency is not unreasonable, nor an undue burden on the school board to record and share their meetings in their entirety, including public comments. If it involves changing the “law of the sun,” then so be it. Parents need to know whether their children are being taught critical hateful racial theory or values ​​with which they do not agree. Ms. Benfer actually said in her letter that she wanted the school board to stay focused and “ignore” the views of parents. How dare you, Mrs. Benfer. You do not have the power to instill your values ​​in our children and say that it is for the common good of the public. I am saying that we are introducing a new program into the school system. Let’s call it “Ideological Bullying – How to Recognize It and Make Your Voice Heard”. Better yet, why don’t we just stick with teaching math, science, reading, writing, and history (the whole story).

The only thing I agreed with in Ms Benfer’s letter was her statement that parents can choose to send their children to private or parish schools. I am a strong advocate of taxpayer money following students and taking it out of the hands of the government that indoctrinates our children to hate themselves, hate each other and hate their country. If the money followed the students, they would drop out of the public school system en masse. Ms Benfer thinks parents are now disrespectful about mask warrants and their demands for transparency, just imagine the contempt she and Ms Rohde will have for you when you speak out against vaccination warrants for all publicly educated children .

Parents, don’t give up. Keep pushing back and don’t let people like Ms. Benfer shame you into thinking that you are a selfish, racist and domestic terrorist because you have the opposite point of view and voice your opinion on what is best for your children. She may want to take away your constitutional right to free speech and ignore you, but we should always welcome her opinion. Only then will we know exactly what we are up against. – Denise Lanthier, Elk River

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