Wordle-like Game Lewdle is a vulgar clone of Star Wars Writer

The Wordle Lewdle-like game is a vulgar clone of Star Wars and The Walking Dead writer Gary Whitta that uses naughty five-letter words as answers.

star wars writer Gary Whitta published obscene, a wordleresembling a game that uses naughty words instead of traditional five-letter answers. Vulgar clone works similar to the original wordle game, using daily puzzles and challenging players to find the five-letter answer in six guesses. obsceneThe predecessor of has garnered viral attention in recent weeks for its simplistic game design, being limited to a single five-by-six square grid. Attention on social media has made wordle one of the biggest games in the world, and yet the game’s creator, Josh Wardle, has no plans to add ads to monetize it.


Strategy is key to success wordle puzzles since each guess reveals the position of the corresponding letters. In order to guess the correct word, players will need to do more than randomly type five-letter words. the wordle The player base has devised strategies and released tips for budding word sleuths, warning players to take their time when making their six guesses. As each guess reveals important information regarding the positioning of the letters – green means the letter is in the correct position, yellow means the letter is in the wrong place and gray means the letter does not appear at all – Picking the correct guessed words can help eliminate five-letter alternative words in favor of the correct one. In addition to its game design, wordle memes increased the game’s virality on social media, such as the one that showed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the wordle box.

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star wars writer Gary Whitta revealed on Twitter that he designed obscene, a vulgar wordle clone that uses five-letter naughty words. Whitta remarked in her post that naughty words are “never the right answer” in wordle, and its new free-to-play “browser-based counterfeitis the solution. obscene only uses obscene words, which means it’s not safe for work. It plays similarly to Wordle, although it doesn’t accept traditional five-letter words as answers – warning players of incorrect entries with shaky red squares. Instead, players must uncover the daily obscene word by using other naughty words to find out which letters exist in the puzzle.

Gary Whitta’s previous work includes writing screenplays for A thug, star wars rebels, and The Walking Dead, as well as acting as editor for Gamer on PC. Now it looks like he’s moved on to game design, recreating the viral pun wordle with an obscene counterpart. obscene actions wordlesimplistic design – a five-by-six grid and keyboard overlaid on a black screen. Every day the obscene word changes and players have another six chances to decipher the five letter answer. The strategies are also extremely similar between games, although obscene is arguably more difficult because the five-letter raw word dictionary is limited, making it harder to get valuable letter positioning.

Given the onslaught of wordle copiers, obscene is one that stays true to the original while simultaneously adding a unique twist to the formula. The game is also free and currently avoids any additional purchases, subscriptions or advertising that monetizes it, unlike the others. wordle application copiers.

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