Windermere’s award-winning family, Crafty Baa, reflects on their business philosophy


A Windermere pub, run by an award winning family, has been very successful following a very unique business philosophy.

The Crafty Baa, located on Victoria Street, had already been named the best pub in the Northwest at the prestigious “Rural Oscars”.

He also recently hosted a party with popular Cumbrian band the Thieving Magpies.

During the lockdown, pub owners Vince Gregg, along with his wife Lisa and son Ben, opened another pub in Keswick.

Vince and Lisa have been together for 31 years and together have built a successful business.

Vince said: “The whole journey for us started in 2016 when we opened the bar. The one we opened in Keswick was opened last year in 2020.

“For the future, we are looking to open the smallest pub in the Lake District. So small that we want it to have its own zip code.

“For this company, we did three years of research to find out what other people were doing, and we found that everyone was copying everyone.

“We don’t copy others. Everything we do is the opposite of everyone else. It makes it more fun.

“We use recycled materials that others throw away. For example, when the Royal Oak replaced all of their furniture, we started our setup with what they didn’t want.

“We grew from there. Everything that others don’t want us to use to grow our business.

“We have stuff from local pubs and even from Grasmere.

“Our ceiling also serves as a place for lost items. If someone loses something, we put it on the ceiling for them to collect when they return.

“Now some people leave things on purpose so that we can get them there.

“My son Ben runs the Keswick Pub, while Lisa and I run the Windermere Pub.”

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