Will Randall become president? The writer teases the answers

The future of many members of the Pearson family hangs in the balance as It’s us airs its final season on NBC. Who will Kevin end up with? Where are Kate and Miguel in the flash-forward? Who is the father of Deja’s baby? And now among these It’s us questions is, will Randall become president of the United States?

Sterling K. Brown as Randall Pearson | Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Randall is running for a Senate seat on ‘This Is Us’

It’s us Episode 10 of Season 6 was the Randall-centric hour of the Big Three trilogy, and it mostly focused on a road trip between Randall and Rebecca. The two set out to find Deja in Boston, where she had fled after a fight with her father. But along the way, Randall and Rebecca had some heart-to-heart moments. And he shared exciting news with his mother.

One of the senators from Pennsylvania was retiring and he wanted Randall shortlisted to take his seat. Rebecca expressed her pride and enthusiasm for her son, but he let her know that he wasn’t sure if he should run, given Rebecca’s declining health.

Rebecca then encouraged Randall to start a campaign telling him why she chose Kate as his executor. Randall had dropped everything to help her after Jack’s death, and she couldn’t get him to do it again. Raised by his mother’s words, Randall told Rebecca he would win if he ran for the Senate seat. And given the five-year flash-forward from the It’s us Season 5 finale, Randall is correct in his assumption.

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‘This Is Us’ author hints Randall could become president of the United States

After It’s us Episode 10 of Season 6 airing on NBC, Entertainment Weekly spoke with the writer of the hour, Kay Oyegun. The interviewer mentioned that Randall doesn’t seem to have any details about the Secret Service in the flash-forward to the house Kevin built for Rebecca. And they asked Oyegun where Randall’s political journey could take him It’s us.

“I will say this: we had all the versions of all the conversations in the writers room,” Oyegun revealed. “And the best version will be on screen.”

Unfortunately, the writer and executive producer could not confirm that Randall would eventually become President of the United States. But she didn’t deny the theory either. Fans will therefore only have to tune in to the latest episodes of It’s us to find out where Randall ends up.

Sterling K. Brown explains his character’s confidence in his political career

During an interview with People, Sterling K. Brown opened up about Randall taking the next step in his political career by It’s us. And he also revealed why his character is so confident he’ll win the race for the Senate.

“I think he sees in him the ability and the understanding that I can do this job,” Brown explained. “I’ll even say this, and I’ll echo it sterling: I think Randall is pretty perceptive about how he can be received by other people. There is a level of charm associated with his a-dork ability, which he knows and can use to his advantage.

The actor continued, “So when he makes that statement, it’s double. He’s like, ‘I can only do it to you. This thing that I’m about to say, I can only do it to you. say. And Rebecca is like, ‘I know exactly where this is going to go.’ There’s still a bit of childish excitement to hear your mother affirm it, but I don’t think it’s ego in that way.

It’s us Season 6 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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