Watch: A snarling parrot steals a Chilean journalist’s earpiece on the air. He reacts | world news

A parrot took the earpiece of a Chilean journalist during a humorous incident filmed live during a broadcast. While the journalist was talking about crime and security in Santiago de Chile, the incident took place.

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While Nicolas Krumm was live on the Chilevision channel and talked about the resurgence of local thefts, a parrot passed by him, perched on his shoulder and surprised him. The parrot then took off its headset and flew with it.

The headset was eventually found when the parrot dropped it.

The reporter, as the parrot sat on his shoulder, began to smile and wave at the camera.

The video of the incident was widely shared on social media, as several users found it funny.

One user said, “Oh that’s so funny. Thank you, son.” While another commented: ‘He was hit by, he was hit by a slick felon.’


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