Van Orden campaign: “We’re done playing professional politician Pfaff’s games.”

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Justin Giorgio

[email protected]

DOG PRAIRIE, WI – Derrick Van Orden released the following statement regarding the proceedings:

“Let me be clear, this kerfuffle is another example of biased media coordination with the Democratic Party. Our team contacted the 3rd arrondissement media last month – well before the Pfaff campaign – to open this discussion, and we have the receipts. We have never received a formal invitation nor contacted by the Pfaff campaign to open this discussion. Pfaff is making this call for help because his campaign is floundering.

I challenge the media to provide a fair, town hall-style setting for a debate with Brad Pfaff. We’ve put over 160,000 miles on our vehicles traveling through this district in this campaign, to imply that I’m afraid to speak to 3rd voters is a dumb statement.

75% of our district doesn’t have a four-year degree, and they deserve to ask the questions, not college professors or biased media. If the media provides a town hall-style setting for people in this neighborhood to participate, I will debate.

We’re done playing professional politician Pfaff’s games. The Pfaff campaign and the organizers of the UW-La Crosse debate have proven that they will not act in good faith. I would gladly put my record of 26 years of service against Pfaff’s record of 26 years as a politician.

And finally, there is no circumstance I can think of where I would be afraid of Brad Pfaff and to imply that is nonsense.

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