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The problem facing education stems from unqualified administrators and teachers motivated by political bias. An example of this would be the case of a teacher telling his students that “kindness is whiteness”. (The source: https://nypost.com/2021/09/15/virginia-teacher-says-making-kids-behave-is-white-supremacy/). Naturally, one asks: “where did this person get this idea from?” If you were thinking of “critical race theory,” you would be right. Critical race theory originated with the writings of Harvard law professor Derrick Bell, whose own views were overshadowed by those of later writers such as Bell Hooks. Indeed, Derrick Bell’s writings and manners come across as “too white” by today’s race-obsessed standards. It was these later writers who laid the groundwork for the thinking that inspired this teacher (himself white) to divide the class along racial lines. Unfortunately, several current and former BGSU faculty have bought into the idea that conservatives (anyone opposed to racial indoctrination, including lifelong Democrats) are willing to impose neo-fascist education policies by “banning “some books or ideas from the classroom. A quick glance at the context and the legislation in question proves the contrary. The legislation only forbids teaching the concepts of race in a one-sided way, such as teaching implicit biases not to mention the scores of philosophers and cognitive scientists who entirely disagree with this notion (have you ever passed one of these tests? Otherwise, prepare to be surprised by the flawed methodology employed).

Some would argue that the word “woke” was “stolen” by conservatives, as if there weren’t many liberals who troubled the over-politicization of popular culture. Indeed, any English teacher or historian should know that no community has copyright over words or that words simply cannot change their meaning over time. The word “vigorous” in the King James Bible, for example, means something totally different from what it does today. Plus, just in case you haven’t opened those books by Piaget and Kohlberg, you should probably know that their theories are just as outdated as those of AJ Ayer and BF Skinner. Finally, Plato believed that the world should be ruled by philosopher kings, not democratic elected officials, and he would certainly have been against our idea of ​​school boards. Quoting Plato to support democracy is like quoting Mein Kampf to support Zionism.

“As for you, teach what is in sound doctrine” – Titus 2:1

“There is neither black nor white” – Galatians 3:28 (paraphrased for modern readers).

Bill Kennedy IV

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