Two young writers, two books put the interests of young people in the spotlight: The Tribune India


Tribune press service

Amritsar, September 29

Two young writers, Sakoon Singh and Rana Preet Gill, participated in a literary session organized by Majha House.

In a conversation with renowned author, artist and professor of English literature Belinder Dhanoa, the two discussed their latest books, which present their social and political concerns. Rana Preet, who is a veterinarian in Hoshiarpur and author of three books, spoke about her latest book Maya, while Sakoon, professor of English literature in Chandigarh, raised topics like drug addiction, recollections of the score in her first novel In the land of rivers: In Punjab Qissa.

Both have young protagonists, who deal with the conflicts and interests of the youth. Speaking of the title of his book, Sakoon said, “Initially the title was Nanaki: In Punjabi Qissa, because my protagonist is called Nanaki. But my editor thought people would associate it with the historic Bebe Nanaki. So, slowly, I got to this title because the Punjab is also a land of romance. And Qissa is a favorite genre of storytelling for the Punjabis, still booming after all these years. She clarified that the book was not only about Nanaki but about all the Punjabis. “If I am talking about today’s generation, I am also talking about partition and displacement. I inherited these stories from my grandparents and also the disappointment they felt when their idea of ​​a nation went wrong, ”she said.

Rana explained how she tries to make her protagonists and her stories more accessible to young readers, as these are her target readers. “Maya, the protagonist of my book, is very concerned about her appearance because young people today are really obsessed with physical beauty. She is constantly trying different things to “look better”. It also centers around an infamous MMS scandal, so technology plays a big role as well. For my characters and my stories, I am mainly inspired by everyday life, ”she explained.

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