Thomasville man arrested for assaulting reporter reporting on animal neglect

A Thomasville man has been arrested after allegedly assaulting a local TV photojournalist on Thursday who was covering a story of animal neglect at a local kennel.

Marshall Lee Everhart, 56, of Thomasville has been charged with robbery; criminal assault causing serious bodily harm; common law crime robbery; felony second-degree kidnapping and two misdemeanor counts of injury to personal property.

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According to the arrest warrant provided by the Davidson County Magistrates’ Office, Everhart allegedly punched the photographer in the jaw, causing “serious injuries to his mouth, including broken or loose teeth and possibly a broken jaw.” . The arrest warrant also stated that he had taken the photographer’s video camera and damaged it; restrained or trapped the photographer and damaged his vehicle.

According to FOX 8 News in Winston-Salem, their employee was assaulted by two men while filming a video outside Pretty Paws Country Club in Thomasville. The news agency was investigating a report that the dog boarding facility had recently been fined by the state of North Carolina for animal abuse.

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An April report from the Veterinary Division of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said Pretty Paws Country Club in Thomasville, owned by Kali Jump and Ryan Everhart, was fined $1,400 civil liability for violation following an investigation of complaints against the company.

The report says that during an unannounced inspection in March, 12 dogs were outside unattended in a pen with a water bowl, which was knocked over. There were 19 other dogs found unattended in another outdoor play area with a water bowl, which was empty. According to the report, Pretty Paws was cited by the state for similar violations in January 2020.

According to the report, investigators also uncovered a recent incident in which a dog was taken from the facility by its owner to a veterinarian after showing “decreased feeding and other neurological signs.” The presumptive diagnosis was marijuana intoxication and the over-the-counter drug screen came back positive for THC, a chemical found in marijuana.

“Given the time of onset of clinical signs of this type of poisoning, the exposure likely occurred at the kennel,” the report said.

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Another incident included in the North Carolina Department of Agriculture inspection report said two dogs, who were ‘known not to be compatible’, were placed together in a kennel and then fought , where a dog was seriously injured, but was not taken to a veterinarian. . According to the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, the kennel was previously cited for a similar violation in March 2021.

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Following the alleged assault on the photojournalist on July 28, Everhart was granted $200,000 guaranteed bond and an initial court date of August 29 in Davidson County.

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