They denounce a politician from the Milei party for beating a family: “I will c…. kill you”

Augustin Spaccesicontact person of Libertarian Party in Cordoba played in a scandal with a family during Easter Sunday lunchtime. It all started with a traffic problem in the town of Villa Allende.

The victims complained that beaten and threatened with death. According to his story at NTSpacesi station double row in front of the sports center located in Rio de Janeiro street.

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“I’m going to c… kill you” he said to my father

Stefanía is the daughter of the married couple attacked by Spaccesi, and in dialogue with NT said a man was double parked generating a traffic chaos. When they wanted to pass him, he hit them with a kicked in the back door of the car where the six-and-a-half-year-old child’s two nephews were traveling.

“Given that, I got out and stood in front of his truck to stop him from driving away. He tried to run me over twice. Very nervous, he first attacked my mother and then my father who was the one driving the vehicle in which we were traveling. He looked like a caveman and said, ‘I’m going to kill you shit’.

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According to the young woman’s account, Spaccesi jumped on her father knocking him down twice. As a result, he suffered forearm, finger and foot injuries. “He tried to run away again, but together with other people, we stopped him. At some point the police came and he changed his tune because he said we assaulted him,” he recalled.

Once things calmed down, Stefanía and her parents made the complaint. “Until then we didn’t know who this subject was, until we found out that he is the owner of one of the ice cream franchises where he had double-parked and a rep of the Milei Libertarian Party in Córdoba. What happened was a scene from the movie Wild Tales. He is a very violent and very aggressive man,” he concluded.

“They insulted me and beat me. I have injuries to my neck and back, but not to my hands.

In dialogue with NT, Agustín Spaccesi gave his version of events. Yes OK recognized that it was badly parkeddenies assaulting the couple and their daughter, with whom he had a traffic argument.

Moreover, he gave a political tinge to the situation by saying that Stefanía “She is an active PRO activist in the province of Córdoba”.

Accusations crossed between a family and a politician from Milei’s party. (Photo: TN).

Regarding the incident, he recalled that the driver of the car passed by his truck and touched his rear view mirror. “I had to hold onto my truck window glass which was down so he wouldn’t step on me. After that they went down two women insulted me and scratched my neck and back”.

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He also said the man went to kick him, then he grabbed his leg to avoid the kick, and he fell to the ground where he injured himself. “After, he spilled his blood all over my truck and screamed that i ran him over. These people attacked the police. And a few hours later, I received threatening phone calls from the couple’s son.

Spaccesi said he was the one who filed the complaint with the prosecutor’s office for injuries and threats. “I presented myself alone then I went to the Allende sanatorium where a doctor confirmed my injuries. I want to clarify this my hands aren’t hurt because i didn’t hit anyone like they accused me”.

Regarding the threat, the politician said there was cross the insults. “They told me everything. I don’t remember threatening the man with death, but if I did, I’m asking excuses“, he concluded.


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