The Spanish army will have a new national logistics base in Cordoba

The Spanish army will have a new national logistics base in Cordoba. image: ministry of defense

The Spanish army will build a new national logistics base in Cordoba

Next Friday, October 1 will see the signing of a new general protocol of action and agreement for the new national logistics base of the Ministry of Defense for the Spanish army – General de Ejercito Javier Varela – which will be located on a land of 85 hectares of land in the region of La Rinconada in the Cordovan capital.

Involved in this action, which will be held in the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos, will be Juanma Moreno, President of the Junta de Andalucia, Maria Robles, Spanish Minister of Defense, and José Maria Bellido, Mayor of Cordoba.

Last Wednesday, the mayor of Cordoba spoke of the progress of this project: “In January, there was nothing, almost no one knew in Cordoba that there was a project for an army logistical base for the whole. ‘Spain, and in September the protocol and the urban agreement will be signed’.

He added: “I hope that all the projects in the city will keep pace with this one, and will keep up with this rhythm, so that soon the earthworks will start in La Rinconada”.

In a statement from the City Council of Cordoba, they said: “The construction and commissioning of the future logistics base of the army of ‘General Javier Varela’ will bring significant economic and social impetus, both in its phase construction and implementation, as well as in its operational phase, and the project should contribute to the creation of direct and indirect highly qualified jobs ”.

Salvador Fuentes, president of the Department of Urban Planning, recognized “the effort made by the three administrations, as well as the private initiative, to carry out this agreement”, stressing that “until Friday last week, the details of this were being finalized by the Ministry of Defense and the Junta de Andalucia ”.

Mr. Fuentes also applauded, “the work and the considerable efforts of the last days of the municipal legal services, GMU and Municipal Intervention, to make possible the final text of this agreement”, as reported


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