The link between the fake antiquarian Monson Mavunkal and the politicians and the best cops under scanner


Monson Mavunkal (Photo / ANI)

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) [India], Sept. 28 (ANI): The Crime Directorate arrested Monson Mavunkal for allegedly deceiving people by selling fake antiques and claimed his collection was staffed by Moses, two of the 30 silver coins taken by Judas and the Throne of Tipu Sultan by knitting a web of lies to woo influential people including prominent politicians, movie stars and cops.

According to law enforcement sources, most of the antiques he claims to be rare are made by a carpenter in Kerala. After his arrest by the criminal branch for deceiving 4 crore rupees on the basis of various complaints, a series of photos are circulating on social media, including Monson Mavunkal with politicians including Kerala Congress President K Sudhakaran and Minister of State Roshy Augustine.

While more photos of movie stars and former Kerala Police Director General Lokanath Behera seated on a throne with Additional Police Director General Manoj Abraham holding an antique sword came out.

Reacting to a complainant’s allegations that Sudhakaran intervened to assist Monson Mavunkal in a FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act) case in 2018 and that money was exchanged in his presence, the KPCC chairman said that of without foundation.

“I know Monson Mavunkal. I had been to his house six or seven times. I had known him as a doctor and went for treatment. His house has antiques which he says are worth millions of dollars. There was no doubt about Monson then as he was not involved in any matter. But I completely deny other allegations made against me. I never had any discussion about it nor did I had financial transactions with the accused, ”Sudhakaran told Kannur.

He alleged that the involvement of the office of the Chief Minister of Kerala is mysterious.

“The person who raised the allegation himself says he was called out by the CMO. It’s a fabricated story. It’s an attempt to deliberately trap me. Some dark forces are believed to be behind this. Why should the CM office call him “In 2018, I was not an MP and I was not a member of any committee. I did not step in to help Monson in any way,” Sudhakaran said.

The Kochi Police Crime Branch team arrested Monson Sunday from Cherthala in Alappuzha District.

According to the investigative team’s report filed with the Court, the fraud was carried out by forging a document in the name of a foreign bank.

“There was no overseas account in his name. He deceived the plaintiffs into convincing them that 2,62,000 crore rupees had been credited to his bank account while selling antiques and he needed 10 crores. rupees to withdraw it. He assured them that if they donate money, he will give them interest-free loans to start a business, “the Crime Branch said.

Further, the police report said: “He claimed that his valuable collection of antiques includes a throne of Tipu Sultan. The first edition of the Holy Bible, the books used by King Maratha Chhatrapati Shivaji, the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb and Tipu Sultan. He claimed his antiquity. Collection had several sacred books and documents such as a version of the great Mahabharata epic written in palm leaves, paintings by Raja Ravi Varma and Pablo Picasso. (ANI)

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