The accomplice of an ex-politician gets 2 years of adoption regime


PHOENIX (AP) – A woman who admitted to assisting a former politician in an illegal adoption program involving Marshall Islands women was sentenced to two years in prison Tuesday in Arizona for helping to submit bogus claims for the biological mothers receive state-funded health coverage, even though none of the women resided in the state.

Lynwood Jennet, 47, had previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy and theft charges for helping women apply for benefits under the direction of Paul Petersen, a Republican who served as a Maricopa County assessor for six years and worked as adoption lawyer before resigning from his chosen one. post and plead guilty in three states to crimes related to the scheme.

Authorities say the healthcare fraud by Petersen and Jennet totaled $ 814,000.

Petersen is in jail and serving a total of 11 years on a conviction in Arkansas for conspiracy to commit human trafficking and a conviction for health care fraud in Arizona.

Additionally, Petersen was sentenced to one to 15 years in Utah for a human trafficking conviction. The Utah sentence, which leaves the state parole board to decide how long a person actually serves, must be served concurrently, meaning Petersen may have completed his Utah sentence by the time he finishes his other sentences or is up to four more years old.

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