Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing for Ketanji Brown Jackson: Watch Live

On March 21, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) added that he looked forward to hearing Supreme Court nominee Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s response to his selective criticism. (The Washington Post)

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) doubled down on his criticism of Jackson’s handling of child pornography cases during his legal and political career.

Hawley claimed, in tweets last week, that there was “an alarming trend regarding Judge Jackson’s treatment of sex offenders, particularly those who prey on children.”

Her claims related to sentencing decisions made by Jackson as a federal judge in cases involving those convicted of possessing child sexual abuse images, as well as positions she took as a member of the US Sentencing Commission, an agency tasked with reducing sentencing disparities.

In his opening statement Monday, Hawley raised his criticism again, noting seven cases in which he said Jackson’s sentencing decisions were not as strong as those recommended by prosecutors.

“What concerns me, and I’ve been very candid about it, is that in all cases, in each of those seven cases, Judge Jackson handed down a lenient sentence that was less than what the guidelines recommended. federal and less than prosecutors requested,” Hawley said. noted. “And so I think there’s a lot to talk about there, and I can’t wait to talk about that.”

He said Jackson has not yet had a chance to explain his decisions on these cases.

“She hasn’t had a chance to respond to this yet and she deserves the chance,” Hawley said.

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