Superman Writer Doubles Down On His Theory, He Flies While Farting

Never one to pass up a good trolling, writer Tom King tweets a page from his Superman series to imply the character flies by breaking the wind.

Probably because it’s an incredibly common fantasy, many superheroes – Superman among them – have the power to fly. Sometimes it’s pretty clear how they do it. Hawkman has his winged harness to fly like a bird. Iron Man has the ability to propel himself through the air with repulsor blasts. Green Lanterns have an aura of energy around them that can defy gravity. However, not all heroes have an obvious mechanic for their flight abilities. Superman flies through the air without any clear explanation of how his powers lift his weight. Not one to let the matter go unchallenged, writer Tom King gave a rather cheeky response, recently doubling down on the claim on Twitter.


Tom King is no stranger to the Man of Steel. His most extensive work with Superman is in history Superman: Up in the Sky with artist Andy Kubert, where Superman goes to space to rescue a little girl who has been abducted by an alien warlord. King even got into a mini feud with Dean Cain over Superman “American style” motto, using a scene from the book as ammunition. It is this story that contains King’s take on Superman’s flight.

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King tweeted an image from the latest issue of High in the sky where Superman returns the girl, Alice, to Earth after defeating her captor. Alice is a huge Superman fan and asks the Man of Steel a number of questions. One of the questions, displayed in the tweeted image, is how Superman flies. He replies that it’s because of Earth’s yellow sun but Alice isn’t satisfied. She cites her time at the aviation club in school and notes that something has to be pushed from behind for an object like an airplane to move forward. She asks what it would be like for Superman who replies, “it is complicated.” Alice then shyly asks if Superman is pulling stuff on her butt and doesn’t tell anyone. Tom King notes in the tweet, “The truth is out there.”

While this is certainly a fun theory that’s somewhat confirmed by a mainstream DC Comics writer, the reality is that Superman’s super farts are unlikely to be canonized any time soon. Canonically, Superman is correct in that his ability to fly is quite complicated. Originally, Superman did not have the power to fly, but rather the ability to leap incredible distances. Later, in the Golden Age of Comics, Superman’s ability to fly was explained as being due to his people’s physiology being used for much stronger gravity on Krypton.

However, in the Silver Age comics this was changed (as Superman notes in the picture) due to Kryptonians gaining powers such as super strength and flight under a sun yellow. This is explained by a “bio-electric aura” around him powered by yellow sunlight, pushing behind Superman and allowing him to fly. This is seen in Superman All Star by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, where a trip to the surface of the sun supercharges Superman’s aura and becomes visible. Tom King followed that tweet with a more mysterious page in which Superman discusses his faith, perhaps suggesting that fans are taking a similarly open attitude towards the source of his abilities.

The reality, of course, is that Tom King is messing around to amuse his fans while reminding everyone of an incredible story. King is known for kissing the dumbest parts of DC Comics with tongue in cheek and making fans investigate the idea of SupermanThe metahuman wind is just a fun way to do it…or isn’t it?

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