Sudanese writer wins first Katara award for short story


Doha, Qatar – Sudanese writer Mohammad Ismael placed first in the Katara Prize for Short Story competition, organized by Qatar.

As the first winner, the writer Ismael collected a financial prize of 15,000 Qatari rials.

The Katara Prize is an Arab literary prize based in Qatar. It was created in 2014 by the Katara Cultural Village. The total prize pool is $ 650,000 and the main prize is $ 200,000, making it one of the richest literary prizes in the world. One of its sponsors is UNESCO.

Originally the award was dedicated to novel writing under the name of the Katara Prize for Novel Writing, but later a subsidiary award for the short story was added.

Writer Ismael said his winning story attempted to draw an analogy with the historical story of the Prophet Joseph and his brothers. It was set in a plot whose characters are members of a family living in the 21st century.

The organizers had previously invited the news in the running to revolve around the question of kinship “given the great importance that Islam had given to questions of kinship, family, lineage and kinship”.

This is the first time that the award has accepted applicants from outside Qatar, as it was generally reserved for Qataris or foreigners living in Qatar.

Syrian writer Suzan Ibrahim Alsa’abi won the second prize for her short story “A distance from a balcony”, collecting 12,000 rials, while the second prize of 10,000 rials was won by Ahmed Abdelimam Jabri d ‘ Iran for its “vertigo” history.

Some 438 contenders took part in this competition. A major condition for the participating story is that it must be written in classical Arabic without errors. Another condition was that the story had not been published before or had not won a previous award.

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