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Fernando Gago was self-critical after Racing’s 1-0 loss to Estudiantes at La Plata. He explained why he started with Cardona. “With Edwin we looked for more control over the ball and concerned play in the last set, but he had two insiders, but The team didn’t work, we didn’t play a good game, we didn’t have a good trend, it didn’t go as expected from the start of the gameThe coach agreed.

He later went back and forth with a journalist, Mauro Gundin (La Red), who toured Racing’s Professional League campaign and asked why he thought the team’s current route could help. DT cut off the question when the historian thought the team had backtracked:I don’t share the attitude,” he told her.

“I do not share your analysis at all. I don’t see a team lacking in attitude,” insisted Pintita. And he asked the reporter to remind him at which racing game he was beaten. “Central Barracks, Godoy Cruz,” he told her. “With Tiger they overtook us?”. For me, they were not ahead of us. Did they beat us in the first half? Not for me. How many times has Newells scored? Gago said.

Gago (Fernando de la Orden) with Insa on the bench.

Gago later disagreed that the race played well in the 1-0 win at the Avellaneda Classic. “I didn’t like the first time with the Independent, look what I’m telling you; neither does the second. I will analyze what I like, what you think is right,” he replied.

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“We are first in the overall table for the year so far, five points behind first in the league. If we win all nine matches, we can be champions. I did not say that we had played badly with Banfield, I said that we were not effective, that we had created weak chances to score. It is very easy to know if a team is working or not. You think that we have lost the volume of play in this championship, I do not share that. You say they lack attitude, I don’t share that. Words of attitude… Do you think we don’t want to win? You said attitude. The personality depends on each player how he is. There are players who have a personality, others have a different personality. There are some who have lowered their level, but don’t take that as just five bad games you named me in the championship. You said five and let me tell you we had a good 12. Those are sizes. It’s not about arguing with you or anything like that. I believe in what the team does. Today we didn’t play a good game, and I’m taking matters into my own hands, I’m the number one responsible. I have no problem,” Fernando said.

The team didn’t work as we expected, it cost us the game, it cost us dearly in the first half, and it got complicated with takedowns. I think we lack the game today, it’s hard when we lack the game to advance,” admitted Gago.

Gago with Andozer and Bocelli (Fernando de la Orden).

Gago with Andozer and Bocelli (Fernando de la Orden).

“The analysis of this match will not distract us from the good performance we have made in the year, it was a very bad gameWe are not playing well. Many things are true. We had no scoring condition. We will see in the future how the players are doing, if we can fix the people who suffer from discomfort, see how they recover and from there draw the team that will play on Tuesday. (to be: in front of the board of directors, in the cylinder at 9:30 p.m.).

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