‘Stranger Things’ Screenwriter’s MV3 NFT Collection Signs With UTA – The Hollywood Reporter

UTA signed three NFT artists and the NFT MV3 collection, co-created by stranger things writer Jessie Nickson-Lopez, as part of the agency’s continued push into representing clients and projects in the Web3 space.

Joining the agency’s roster of Web3 clients are visual artists Emonee LaRussa, who was selected as one of three artists to create NFTs for the Grammys; Vinnie Hager, who published the NFT collection Letters Last year; and Andrew Wang, the founder of art studio Web3 Devotion.

The agency will also represent Metav3rse’s MV3 NFT collection, a digital publication that provides readers with updates on NFT news on various social media platforms. The collection – co-created by Nickson-Lopez, Roberto Nickson and Torey Kohara – features various characters from the fictional world of Eluna City and sold out after its initial public launch.

Like other NFT collections with strong fanbases, such as Bored Apes, the MV3 collection is expected to expand its IP to film, television, video games, books, events, and more. MV3 NFT holders will have the opportunity to have their say in future storylines related to MV3 characters.

“Just as with the emergence of YouTube as a new platform many years ago, we see the emergence of NFTs, particularly, but also more broadly, of Web3, as an area that will spawn a whole new group of important creators”, Lesley Silverman, the head of UTA’s Web3 division, said The Hollywood Reporter.

According to data reported by Bloomberg.

But Silverman says she sees this as a time to “build.”

“I haven’t seen a slowdown in the number of traditional or Web2 brands looking to enter the space,” Silverman says. “Smart and wise brands are going to see this market adjustment as an opportunity to catch up to upgrade.”

Caroline Hooven, Erlan Nyssanov and Griffin Lasker

Courtesy of UTA

To meet this demand, UTA has also added three new agents to the Web3 team: Caroline Hooven, former senior brand project manager at Thrive Market; Erlan Nyssanov, former startup business development associate at Amazon Web Services and analyst at Evercore; and Griffin Lasker, co-founder of Internet Friends DAO and former staff member of UTA’s entertainment and culture marketing and venture capital divisions.

The agents, reporting to Silverman, will help identify key talent and partnerships.

“We are seeing an increase in transaction flow for access to these crypto-native creators, and I think a lot of that is down to the interest in entering the space authentically. So if a brand is looking to get in, they’re looking to partner with a space-native creator,” Silverman said. “You’re going to see a lot more of that in the months to come.”

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