Spain facing the threat of Benzema, Griezmann and Mbappé


I like League of Nations. It does not interfere with the fixture schedule, using those previously reserved for friendlies. The group stage format was the first step in ranking national teams by category, with teams being promoted or relegated, a feature that should really be introduced in the qualifying rounds of the euros and world Cup to free up dates and avoid games that don’t generate much interest. It ends with a quick final stage involving just four teams – just like the old European Championships format in its early days. And if Spain can qualify for the last four and advance to the final after beating the reigning European champions, so even better. And to top it all, we will face the world champions in the final on Sunday.

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Lukaku’s scores

France disappoints in the first half of the year

France won the other semi-final by beating Belgium in a game filled with stars that are familiar to us either to play in The league, having played here, or hopefully are about to arrive – as is the case with Mbappé and Bob Martinez, which Madrid and Barça hope to win. The game started slowly but quickly perked up after Carrasco and Lukaku had put Belgium ahead just before half-time. At that moment, it seemed that Belgium had reserved their place for the final because until then, France, which was without Kanté, were irrelevant and gave the impression that their three front line: GriezmannBenzemaMbappé did not really gel. Few would have bet on France return it to the break.

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Biting finish

Corn The fields rallied its players, France stacked forward and managed to turn the score in their favor. Benzema put them on the right track with a magnificent finish around the corner, surrounded by four defenders and shooting a goal out of nowhere. The equalizer came from the penalty after Tielemans unnecessarily started Griezmann from behind, just a minute after the Atléti star had missed an open goal. The match was played from 90 minutes with a thunderous strike from Theo Hernandez to complete a breakaway, a few moments later Lukaku had a goal scored by VAR for offside. It turned out to be a great game, let’s hope the final will be just as entertaining.

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