Scottish politician files parliamentary motion calling for crackdown on Kinahan mob after Dutch journalist was shot


Criminals suspected of being involved in the shooting of a Dutch journalist have links to the Kinahan criminal mob, a Scottish politician has claimed.

Journalist-turned-MSP, Russell Findlay, has tabled a motion in the Scottish Parliament paying tribute to Peter de Vries, who was gunned down in Amsterdam earlier this week.

Mr de Vries had acted as an advisor to a former gang member testifying against Ridouan Taghi – who was said to have been one of the most wanted men in the Netherlands before he was arrested in Dubai ago two years.

Mr Findlay claimed that Taghi had ties to a large Scottish gang, which is also linked to the Irish drug gang Kinahan.

The MSP said: “In the past 15 years at least one Scottish organized crime group has forged alliances with the international drug trafficking gangs Taghi and Kinahan.

“The Glasgow-based gang leader fled Scotland for his own safety 15 years ago and ended up in Marbella where these links were made and flourished.

“Peter R de Vries was targeted because he effectively exposed and disrupted these cowardly criminals.

“Everyone should be concerned that a journalist in a Western European democracy may be the target of organized crime.

“I have tabled a motion in the Scottish Parliament paying tribute to his courage and urging the authorities to crack down on these gangs.

“Everyone should be concerned that a journalist in a Western European democracy may be the target of organized crime.”

Police are investigating whether an alleged business partner of cartel boss Daniel Kinahan ordered the murder of prominent Dutch criminal journalist

Peter R de Vries (64) remains in critical condition in hospital after receiving up to five bullets, including one to the head.

Dutch police arrested three suspects, including the suspected gunman.

Police said two men arrested on a highway shortly after the shooting, including a Polish national, would remain in detention, while a third person arrested in Amsterdam was released.

One line of inquiry is that the shooting could have been organized and carried out by the gang led by Ridouan Taghi (43), a Dutch-Moroccan organized crime boss who allegedly formed a European “super-mafia” with Daniel Kinahan. as well as high-ranking criminals from Bosnia, Italy and Chile.

Taghi is currently in custody and on trial along with 16 of his associates, who face charges relating to six gang murders in the Netherlands as well as drug trafficking charges.

In 2019, Taghi made a public statement denying reports that he threatened to have Mr. de Vries killed.

Mr de Vries advised and acted as a confidant for a witness known as Nabil B in the case against Taghi and his alleged associates.

Nabil B’s former lawyer was gunned down in the streets of Amsterdam in September 2019 and his brother was also murdered by the ruthless mob.

American Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) investigations established that Taghi was a prominent guest at Daniel Kinahan’s wedding in Dubai in July 2017 as the Dutch criminal was on the run from police in his own country.

In February, it emerged that Kinahan was almost arrested by Dubai police in June 2019 in a hotel lobby when the Irish gangster went to meet with lawyers representing the fugitive gangster Taghi.

At this point Taghi was the Netherlands’ most wanted criminal and described by Dutch police as the head of a criminal organization described as an ‘oiled up killing machine’.

He was finally arrested in Dubai in December 2019 and extradited to the Netherlands.

Gardaí believes that one of Taghi’s most trusted associates, Naoufal Fassih (36), was “hosted” by the Kinahan cartel when he was arrested during a raid on a safe house linked to the cartel on Baggot Street Dublin in 2016 and extradited to the Netherlands where he was imprisoned for various offenses.

Fassih had gone into hiding in Dublin with the help of the cartel because he was wanted in the Netherlands for gang offenses.

He was later sentenced to 18 years in prison for ordering a gun attack on Dutch national Peter Raap, who survived the shooting.

In 2019, he was jailed for life for organizing the December 2015 murder of Mohammad Reza Kolahi Samadi, an Iranian dissident living in the Netherlands.

Another associate of Daniel Kinahan, who also has close ties to Taghi and Fassih, is Chilean drug trafficker Ricardo ‘El Rico’ Riquelme Vega who was jailed for 11 years last month for drug trafficking.

Messages recovered from an encrypted Gardaí phone seized at Fassih in Dublin were used in El Rico’s trial.

The trial heard evidence that Vega exchanged phone messages plotting gang murders with jailed drug boss Taghi.

Judges also learned how Dubai-based Kinahan appeared in a video on a seized phone in El Rico after his arrest and extradition to the Netherlands from Chile in 2017, which also starred Italian fugitive Raffaele Imperiale. and another unidentified man.

Imperiale (46), boss of the Naples-based Camorra organization, is wanted by Italian authorities to serve an eight-year sentence for drug trafficking and is believed to be in hiding in Dubai – where Kinahan has been based since his gang’s deadly feud . with the Hutch mob began, resulting in 18 murders between September 2015 and January 2018.

Meanwhile, this week’s gun attack on the Dutch journalist has sparked outrage across Europe.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte told a press conference in The Hague that the attack was “shocking and inconceivable”.

“This is an attack on a courageous journalist and by extension an attack on press freedom, which is so essential for our democracy and our rule of law,” he said.

Mr de Vries was shot dead as he left a television studio after appearing on a talk show.

Mr. de Vries won an International Emmy in 2008 for a show he produced about the disappearance of American teenager Natalee Holloway in 2005.

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