Relative of Pak politician attacks Hindu family for car overtaking attempts

Pakistan: The Sindh family consisted of one man, three women and two children. (Representative)


A Hindu family was attacked on Sunday night by a politician’s relative and his associates after the family tried to overtake his car, local media reported on Monday citing local police.

According to the publication, the Sindh family included a man, three women and two children. They were attacked at a restaurant near Ghotki in the remit of Mirpur Mathelo police station as they were returning from Raharki Sahib, a temple in the area, the Express Tribune reported.

A relative of the family said the incident happened after they tried to pass the vehicle of a local politician’s cousin, Shamsher Pitafi, but were repeatedly denied the right to overtake. When the family car passed Pitafi’s car, he followed them to their stay.

Speaking to the media, a police officer said: “Apparently as the family’s car was passing Pitafi’s on the highway, one of the children threw an ice cream wrapper outside. , which hit the windshield of Pitafi’s Vigo car and he was upset that the family didn’t even stop and drove off.”

A dozen men arrived at the restaurant after reuniting with the family. They smashed the car and injured Ajay Kumar, who was present in the car.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) MP Kheal Das Kohistani said the attackers also behaved badly with the women.

“Sindh Police assured that the attackers would be arrested,” Kohistani said, adding that IG Ghulam Nabi Memon and SSP Ghotki Tanveer Tunio had been briefed.

“The main culprit must be arrested immediately,” Kohistani demanded. But, he added, despite pressure from different people, the police failed to arrest Pitafi.

According to the Express Tribune, sources said Shamsher Pitafi is a cousin of Sindh Livestock and Fisheries Minister Abdul Bari Pitafi.

They added that local Hindu elders asked Kumar not to register FIR against Pitafi. They also said that due to “political pressure” the police were reluctant to arrest the men involved in the attack.

Religious violence in Pakistan is greater than in any other country in the world. Imran Khan’s government has failed to stem religious violence in Pakistan. Lynching, beheading and misuse of blasphemy laws are common occurrences in Pakistan, according to media reports.

There has been an upsurge in attacks on minorities and also on their places of worship in Pakistan. The country has been criticized by the international community for failing to protect minority interests.

The country has recorded thousands of cases of blasphemy and mob violence, which are mostly against religious minorities like Hindus, Christians, Shiites and Ahmadiya Muslims from 1987 to present, according to several reports by advocacy groups. rights. Many of these blasphemy cases in Pakistan are still awaiting justice.

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