Reject recycled politicians, former NDE boss urges Abia youth

The Young Progressive Party Senate Flag Bearer for Abia Central and Pioneering Director General of the National Directorate of Employment, Chief Chuku Wachuku has urged youths and women in Abia State to reject recycled politicians during of the next elections in 2023.

Speaking to Umuahia reporters, Wachuku lamented that deceased politicians refused to give way to younger generation to contribute their quota to governance and challenged youth and women to rise up against chronic politicians who have continued to “sit on their future”.

Wachuku, who has always advocated the transfer of power to young people, regretted that the gladiators of power refused to welcome young people and women into government but only remembered during election periods, insisting that such an anomaly must give way.

“Reject recycled politicians. Try new people and see the difference!

“Every four years, Nigerians, and especially young people, are presented with a unique opportunity to change their lives; every time they report it.

“First it was the ‘Not too young to rule’ fight; they went nowhere. Now it’s the movement towards parties with ideological themes not favorable to young people and women, just to show up with the same old song!!

“Nothing will change unless young people and women stand up. This time, let’s take our future into our own hands.

Wachuku, who is an expert on small and medium-sized businesses, argued that with a reasonable population of young people and female voters, it would be difficult for retrained politicians to manipulate the electoral process as usual.

He said he would use his wealth of knowledge in SMEs to create empowerment opportunities for families and disapproved of the mentality of giving motorcycles and tricycles to young people as empowerment items.

“Keke and wheelbarrows to young people in the name of empowerment is a mockery and a recipe for poverty,” Wachuku said.

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