RCFP, Pulitzer Center to support journalists reporting on AI and surveillance

The Reporters Committee for Press Freedom is partnering with the Pulitzer Center to provide pro bono legal support to the Center’s first cohort of Artificial Intelligence Liability Fellows.

The ten journalists representing four continents pursue local and global reporting that touches on critical equity and human rights themes, such as AI in hiring, monitoring, social protection, police, migration and border control.

Reporters’ Committee attorneys will work with reporters to vet stories before they are published to reduce legal risk and to provide other pro bono legal assistance related to news gathering and First Amendment issues.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Pulitzer Center on its new initiative to support journalists reporting on the impact of artificial intelligence and surveillance in their communities,” said Katie Townsend, Executive Director deputy and legal director of the Committee of Journalists for the Freedom of the Press. . “Our attorneys look forward to providing AI Fellows with much-needed legal support to help them pursue and publish this important work with greater confidence.”

“Reporting on the impact of AI technologies, especially in marginalized and vulnerable communities, is urgent and fundamental to democracy,” said Marina Walker Guevara, editor-in-chief of the Pulitzer Center. “We are grateful that the AI ​​Fellows have the support of the world-class and dedicated lawyers of the Committee of Reporters in pursuing their stories.”

The Pulitzer Center enables a global community of journalists and media outlets to deepen their engagement on critical underreported issues, bridge gaps, and spur change. It supports more than 200 journalism projects per year which are published in local, regional and global media. The Center’s K-12 and academic programs connect journalists and stories with students and teachers, fostering critical thinking and media literacy in the classroom.

Through the AI ​​Accountability Network, the Pulitzer Center seeks to address the imbalance of knowledge about artificial intelligence that exists in the journalism industry, especially at the local level, and to build the capacity of journalists to competently cover this fast-evolving and underappreciated topic. , nuance and impact.

The Reporters’ Committee regularly files amicus curiae briefs and its attorneys represent pro bono journalists and news organizations in court cases that involve First Amendment freedoms, journalists’ newsgathering rights and access to public information. Stay up to date on the work of the RCFP by subscribing to their monthly newsletter and follow them on Twitter or Instagram.

For media inquiries, contact the Reporters Committee at [email protected], or Sarah Swan at the Pulitzer Center, [email protected]

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