Politicians miss biggest vaccine ad – tell us how many people hospitalized with COVID haven’t received vaccines


For the politicians who love to lecture us about the importance of vaccines, they do a terrible job promoting them.

COVID cases are skyrocketing, say Governor Kathy Hochul and Mayor Bill de Blasio. The state suffered 97 daily deaths earlier this week, the highest since last February. Hospitalizations statewide are approximately 6,700.

Okay… but how many of those who died weren’t vaccinated? How many hospitalized? What kind of pre-existing conditions did they have?

In August, the city issued a press release noting that for the first six months of the year, “96.9% of COVID-19 hospitalizations and 97.3% of COVID-19 deaths in New York City were in people unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated.

Since then hardly a glance. Press releases from the governor’s office mention daily cases, hospitalizations, but not their vaccination rates. Even though it takes a few weeks to put the data together, it’s worth shouting it out to the hills.

Pointing out that the unvaccinated face risks dramatically higher than those that have been stung would be the most convincing advertisement for the benefits of getting vaccinated.

Not only is this lack of information a terrible missed opportunity, it is also fueling the government’s unique strategy in dealing with the pandemic.

On Christmas Eve, the New York State Department of Health warned of a “jump” in hospitalization of children. What number? They won’t say. Were these children already sick with other issues and COVID-19 was a complicating factor, or is the virus the main factor? Once again, radio silence.

Media and political alarmists take hold of these statements and say we have to lock down again, we have to step back again. Decisions are made without any kind of context or common sense.

Tell us what’s really going on. Tell us who is really at risk. Information is the best medicine we have.


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