Politicians and celebrities continue to ditch masks while kids are stuck in them


Depending on how you count, we are now on day 570 of the COVID crisis. We have learned a lot since the old days to wash our groceries and not touch our face. But one thing we can’t quite seem to land on is when people should be wearing masks. In some places they are ubiquitous, in others you barely see them. Laws, regulations, guidelines and rules seem to vary from minute to minute.

Take the House of Representatives. Members are required to wear face masks at work in one of the airiest and most spacious buildings in the country, and yet, on Wednesday night, many of them played an unmasked Congress baseball game and had the visit of a maskless Joe Biden in very tight canoes.

Speaking of the president, whether or not he wears a mask is so hit and miss these days that it almost seems hit and miss. Often times we see him inside or out donning the virtue signaling muzzle, but other times his face is free like that of a bird. A year ago, when and if Donald Trump wore a mask was a staple in the daily news cycle. Now Uncle Joe just seems to choose based on which cameras are on.

Here in New York City, when Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry recently met with local officials, they wore masks for about two seconds in the atrium of the World Trade Center, then abruptly took them for photos.

But there is a group of people for whom mask mandates are strict and stern. It would be our children. Unlike Biden, they have no choice when they mask themselves, it’s all day, every day at school, even if they are vaccinated. And they’re much less likely to get seriously ill than our old president. What is happening here in the name of science?

Residents protest before the Lake County School Board begins an emergency meeting to discuss mask warrants in Tavares, Fla. On September 2, 2021.
REUTERS / Joe Skipper / File Photo

The point is that from day one the mask has served two purposes. One as a tool to stop the spread in very specific circumstances. The other is a symbol of the seriousness with which we take the virus. It must stop. Huge, maskless crowds gather for all manner of events across the country, and no super epidemics are occurring despite warnings from the Oracle of Fauci. During this time, our children are working under masks every day.

Increasingly, it seems that mask mandates are not about efficiency but compliance. It’s one of the restrictions that most or at least a lot of Americans seem to agree with. It doesn’t sound like a big deal. But it is a big problem, especially, but not only for children. If the president and the political class can’t stick to a set of mask rules, then why should everyone?

Throughout the pandemic, what Americans wanted was a set of rules for everyone. With masks and with so many other things, it’s the one thing we never seem to get.

David Marcus is the author of “Charade: The Covid Lies That Crushed A Nation”.

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