Politician steps in to get students’ textbooks


FIFTY-FIVE students who were asked by their Kajang secondary school to return their Tamil language and literature textbooks received replacement books from Datuk Dr Nelson Renganathan, Malaysia Nanban reported.

Pupils in classes 4 and 5 had to return the books after the school allegedly banned the pupils from taking the two Tamil subjects in the SPM exam.

The school administration also reportedly refused to meet to discuss the matter with Nelson, who is a senator and head of the MIC’s education section. The school’s decision to take the books back was heavily criticized at the time.

The case was resolved after the district education department intervened and confirmed that students could take the subjects and that classes would take place.

However, the students were unable to obtain the textbooks and with SPM coming together, Nelson spent around RM3,000 on the books.

> The daily also reports that an influencer is being investigated after lighting a cigarette on a plane in mid-flight.

The man who has been identified as “fitness guru” Bobby Kataria was seen lying in a row of seats smoking.

His antics on the SpiceJet flight were condemned online after it was posted online by Uttarakhand politician Umesh Kumar, who also took a swipe at the civil aviation authority for the airport’s poor security, which allowed the man to bring the prohibited items on board.

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