Politician convicted of extorting T-series Bhushan Kumar obtains legal redress


Local politician Mallikarjun Pujari was granted bail on Saturday before his arrest by a Dindoshi court in a case of attempted extortion of T-Series chairman Bhushan Kumar.

The complainant, who is linked to Kumar, alleged that Pujari attempted to extort money from Kumar in collusion with a model threatening to file a rape complaint against the T-Series chairman if he did not pay. A case was registered at Amboli police station for the offenses of extortion, criminal intimidation and defamation under the IPC.

The FIR came in after Bhushan Kumar was convicted of rape after the woman complained to DN Nagar police station that he sexually exploited her between 2017 and 2020 with a false promise to work in films.

Pleading for an early bail for Pujari, his lawyer Aniket Nikam told the court that the present complaint was brought against Pujari after an FIR rape was filed against Kumar and called it a “counter- explosion”. He added that since Pujari helped the rape victim, the complaint had been filed against him.

Additional sessions Judge DD Khoche ordered Pujari to visit the police station regularly and not to tamper with witnesses, including the informant, or try to contact them, otherwise the remedy would be canceled. He was ordered to execute a bond of Rs. 25,000 upon arrest, among other conditions.

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