Pittsburgh Steelers: PFF blames writer for poor Mike Tomlin ranking

After a Pro Football Focus rankings sparked a lot of reactions among the Pittsburgh Steelers fanbase and media, one of the publication’s editors speaks out.

The controversial list placed the Steelers’ Mike Tomlin 13th among NFL head coaches. The ranking came about thanks to the Pythagorean win theorem, which we still don’t seem to understand. But, regardless, he immediately caught fire for the way he placed the Pittsburgh leader.

Now, one of PFF’s top writers, Steve Palazzolo, says that sometimes the publication takes the analysis a bit too far. And, sometimes you have to blame it on the writer.

“It was a lot easier when PFF was like, six of us,” Palazzolo told 93.7 The Fan. “People go rogue. Do whatever they want. They can interpret the data differently.”

“I think it’s time to start blaming Connor,” he added.

Connor McQuiston is the writer referred to, who wrote the recent rankings on PFF.

“Tomlin is a good man,” Palazzolo said. “Obviously he was good and did well in lesser situations. He did well in all situations. I don’t know what the criteria were. I will say, I think there is something with the , we’ll call it the ‘nerd factor’ on Twitter. Those who are really deep into analytics, who seem to focus a lot on fourth-down decisions, and maybe just the things you can see.”

Tomlin has never been known for his analytical side of football. Where he shone was pulling teams out of thin air, never having a losing record and bringing teams with players like Devlin Hodges to quarterback on the verge of a playoff run .

“Sometimes it’s as simple as wins and losses, and if you win more games, you’re probably a good coach,” Palazzolo said. “So Mike Tomlin lands in the ‘good manager’ category. And Tomlin has certainly won a lot of games over the last 15 years.”

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