Paul Bettany Returning For Vision Spinoff, Writer’s Room Details Revealed

Yesterday we learned that Marvel Studios was developing a new Disney+ series titled vision quest, a new show centered on Paul Bettany’s hero and his place in the MCU. Variety now brings word confirming work on the series, revealed to be assembling a writer’s room next week. According to the exchange, Paul Bettany will reprise his role for the series which has Wanda Vision head writer and executive producer Jac Schaefer attached to lead the writers room. No word on who else will be part of this group of writers has yet been confirmed.

Plot details on the series are also unclear, but trade reports that the show is “believed” to focus on the White Vision seen at the end of Wanda Vision. The new version of Paul Bettany’s character flew off to parts unknown at the end of the hit series, his fate and whereabouts so far a mystery. As fans have pointed out, Vision Quest was previously a title in the West Coast Avengers comic book series, but the series could very well be running its course. In the same way as the Wanda Vision the series was a pun, vision quest can not only refer to the Native American rite of passage, but also to the actual Vision hunt itself.

“It was a great culmination for all those things that Lizzie and I did together,” Paul Bettany previously told Deadline about Wanda Vision‘Sending in progress. “We really found a path for ourselves, and the tone was different than those movies. But you never know with Marvel, if you’re done or not. So I don’t want to call it the end yet. ”

Wanda VisionPaul Bettany’s latest episodes have played his character in two different guises, both the imagined version created by Wanda from her memories of her vengeful companion, but also the all-new White Vision reassembled from the bits and pieces of Vision by SWORD. They shared a scene where White Vision was faced with the logical puzzle of Theseus’ ship, which made him wonder if he really was the vision and what it even means to be the vision. Much of this conversation seems to clearly establish the potential for vision quest Big TV series. The series is the second spin-off from Wanda Vision to develop with Agatha: Chaos Coven also in the works at Marvel Studios.

What do you hope to see in vision quest TV series? What other Marvel characters do you think should appear in it? Speak out in the comments below with your thoughts.

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