Pa. A woman allegedly killed her husband for financial problems

Evelyn Zigerelli-Henderson appears in a photo from the Dauphin County Jail.

A woman from Pennsylvania and perennial candidate for elected office was charged for the horrific death of her husband.

Evelyn Zigerelli-Henderson66, is charged with felony homicide, aggravated arson and arson causing danger of death or bodily harm following the gruesome and disturbing discovery made early in the morning at a home in Susquehanna Township, Pennsylvania , earlier this week.

On Thursday, June 16, 2022, Henderson was jailed in Dauphin County Jail for allegedly killing an 84-year-old man Carmen Q. Henderson. The deceased retired as Chief Deputy Sheriff of Dauphin County in 1995.

According to Harrisburg, Pa. CBS WHP Affiliate, Zigerelli-Henderson called 911 in the middle of the night. The accused allegedly told a dispatcher that she believed her husband had died after “starting a fire and setting himself on fire”. The dispatcher took notes on the call, according to court documents obtained by the broadcaster, writing: “Something is wrong with the caller. She hesitates to answer questions.

Police reportedly arrived around 5am and found the man burned alive and naked on the couple’s back patio; he appeared to have fly larvae in his mouth and nostrils, suggesting he had been dead for some time.

Law enforcement officers reportedly said they first suspected Zigerelli-Henderson when her story began to change. The accused allegedly first told police that she and her husband had had a fight the night before and then she awoke to find him burned to death outside. This first version presented the death of Carmen Henderson as a suicide.

When presented with evidence Zigerelli-Henderson told 911 about hearing her husband scream around 1 a.m., she reportedly revised her story to say his death was likely an accident caused by him smoking a cigar and lit a fire. An investigation by the Dauphin County Fire Investigation Team found this version of events to be “unlikely”.

Numerous iterations of the narrative ensued, according to police.

Zigerelli-Henderson allegedly ‘finally decided’ to tell police she saw her husband sitting on a folding camp chair with a burning pant leg while screaming his name for help, according to court documents cited by York, Pennsylvania. FOX WPMT Affiliate. In this story, the accused allegedly picked up the phone to dial 911 in the midst of the flames but, in the end, she decided not to make the call. Police reportedly said they could not explain why they decided not to call when they knew he was on fire.

Investigators also reportedly questioned the defendant about her relationship to the deceased and determined a financial motive for the alleged murder.

Both would have been deeply in debt. That debt, the alleged murderer reportedly told police, was largely her fault. Police said they admitted to spending all of the couple’s money on vacation homes, day spas and other luxury goods and services. On top of that, she allegedly admitted that their joint venture, Henderson Limousine Service, went out of business because she mishandled the operation.

Police said the couple’s “serious debt” included $40,000 due to a second mortgage on their home as well as back taxes. They also thought their property was going to be seized, Harrisburg ABC affiliate WHTM reported.

“E. Henderson said she knew she would soon be homeless,” the criminal complaint obtained by Lancaster, Pennsylvania. NBC Affiliate WGAL alleged. “E. Henderson said C. Henderson would be living with her children from another marriage. E. Henderson said she was not welcome to live with the children.

[image via Dauphin County Prison]

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