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By Alexia Juarez–

As Christmas and New Years approach, aside from the downtime and rest taken to celebrate, it’s important to reflect on one of the crucial things that make the holidays special: food.

Holiday dinners are the best way to engage with family and friends and spend quality time together. According to Susan Spracher, editor for the ‘Lilliput’ foster family blog, the mixture of old and new traditions makes the holiday season bright.

We cannot ignore one of the most important factors that contribute to the quality of time spent with family: the holiday season. We all have a specific list of holiday foods that we rank from favorite to least favorite.

Let’s take a look at mine.

1. The holiday food at the top of my list is tamales. Growing up in a Mexican family, tamales have always been a food my family only prepared on special occasions. Tamales are made with a dough made from corn, filled with meat, cheese, fruits, vegetables or chili.

Tamales have a lovely crumbly feel which is best described as corn cake, but smoother. The interior makes all the difference and you can put any type of salsa in it.

2. The next food at the top of my list is Padding. This dish is also a Thanksgiving favorite, but it’s always appropriate to make it on Christmas as well. My family still makes store-bought turkey stuffing, but there are other flavors as well. My favorite thing about the stuffing is its soft, crumbly texture with every bite.

3. Take a break from main courses; one of the best desserts my family makes for Christmas is Mini Oreo Cheesecakes. These are mini desserts that use the wrapping of a cupcake with the Oreo cookie as a crust.

4. The next dessert and holiday favorite is christmas cookies. Last year my aunt started the tradition of baking cookies in common Christmas shapes, like stockings, a snowflake, or a Santa hat, and letting all the nieces / nephews decorate theirs with their own. favorite icing and toppings, using all kinds of nuggets.

No matter what foods you eat at the table this holiday season, it’s important to enjoy them with the people you love. Dig out this holiday season and celebrate the end of the semester with a bang.

But, if you’re worried about weight while on vacation, that’s what a New Years resolution at the gym is for!

Graphic by Catherine Brown // The Cardinal of Louisville


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