On January 6 Deranged by Tucker Carlson, film writer Scooter Downey also directed a film for Pizzagater Mike Cernovich


The author of Tucker Carlson’s controversial documentary series on the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill has previously made films directed by far-right figures, including a great promoter of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, a virulent anti- refugees and a right-wing comic writer. whose main superhero outfit resembles a Confederate flag.

Los Angeles-based filmmaker Scooter Downey will likely reach his biggest stage yet on Monday, when Fox Nation plans to air the first part of the three-part Carlson film. Purge of the Patriots movie. A trailer for the series, which aired Wednesday night on Fox News, included the false claim that the riot was a “false flag” meant to attack the Tories. The series also appeared to include a sympathetic interview with Ali Alexander, who was subpoenaed by the Jan.6 select committee for his role in organizing a pro-Trump rally outside Congress that ultimately turned violent.

Carlson’s series has generated backlash before, with fellow Fox News mainstay Geraldo Rivera calling his colleague’s promotion of bogus riot conspiracy theories “bullshit.” But Downey’s role in the production of Fox, and his past working for conspiracy theorists and hate figures, have so far not been discussed.

Downey and Carlson share writing credit for documentary series, filmmaker screenshot shows posted on twitter. It is not clear if Downey also directed Purge of the Patriots, but he retweeted messages from other right-wing figures suggesting he was instrumental in creating the show.

In a post on the Telegram social media app, Alexander wrote that he was excited to “see what Tucker Carlson and Scooter Downey have produced.” And Downey’s Twitter biography and banner images tout his work as a producer for “Tucker Carlson Originals.”

Fox News and Downey did not respond to requests for comment on this story.

Prior to Purge of the Patriots, Downey was perhaps best known on the right as the co-director of Hoax, a 2019 documentary by far-right figure Mike Cernovich on alleged media prejudice against the MAGA movement. Cernovich rose to prominence on the far right for promoting the Pizzagate’s baseless conspiracy theory, that Hillary Clinton was operating a pedophile sex dungeon from a DC pizza place. In December 2016, the Pizzagate frenzy inspired a man from North Carolina to shoot a gun inside the restaurant.

And last year, Downey made another documentary, this time for anti-refugee activist Lauren Southern, a Canadian alternative right-wing figure perhaps best known for associating with European far-right activists. to interfere and attempt to thwart a ship rescuing refugees in the Mediterranean. Sea.

Crossfire, the documentary Downey created with Southern, centered on the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests and violence that followed the police murder of George Floyd last summer. As Hoax, the documentary consisted mainly of interviews with right-wing figures like Cernovich.

Downey also directed Rebel race, an upcoming live-action based on a right-wing comic from blogger Theodore Robert Beale, called “Vox Day” online.

Beale writes comics, including a series called Alt-Hero, who aim to push back what he and his fans perceive to be a “social justice warrior” infiltration into the comic book industry. Rebel race features a superhero named “Rebel”, whose outfit is modeled on the Confederate flag. The film’s plot will pit him against villains who lead a “global crackdown on hate,” according to a trailer. A crowdfunding page for the film claims to have raised more than $ 940,000.

Beale, who called himself a “far-right nationalist,” is perhaps best known for his attacks on women and his support for white nationalism. In a 2016 blog post, for example, Beale wrote that “Western civilization” is built on “white tribalism, white separatism and in particular white Christian male domination”.

A conservative internet personality named “Some Bitch I Know” wrote in a post on far-right social media network Gab on Wednesday that she had helped collect footage for Carlson’s documentary.

And in a comment below his post, Downey made a prediction about receiving the show: “It’ll melt some minds,” he wrote.

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