NFL writer throws shade at HC Lions Dan Campbell

There is no doubt that Detroit Lions the head coach Dan Campbell is the National Football League’s greatest head coach.

Ok, obviously not, but there’s no way Campbell is considered one of the worst coaches in the league just because his team was bad in his first year with the Lions.

In fact, no one actually believes that Campbell is one of the worst coaches in the NFL, do they? Especially not an analyst who is supposed to have a good command of the league, right?

NFL ‘analyst’ throws shade at Lions HC Dan Campbell

Well, according to Cody Benjamin from CBS Sports, Dan Campbell IS one of the worst head coaches in the NFL.

In a recent article on, Benjamin ranked every head coach in the National Football League, and Campbell came in 30th out of 32 coaches, ahead only Matt Eberflus (bear) and Lovie Smith.

Here is Benjamin’s rationale for ranking Campbell at No. 30. (Category Stuck in the Mud)

From CBS Sports:

Detroit won’t like this, as he took the moniker “Dan the Man” to new heights as a rookie, summoning archaic humanity with his tearful battle cries and kneecap speeches. But energy doesn’t equal wins, as his 3-13-1 debut confirmed, and even an influx of quick guns can’t absolve the continued commitment to QB Jared Goff.

Wow, Cody. This is your rationale for ranking Campbell 30th??? Didn’t you watch the Lions at all in the last six games of the season to see how well they played for Dan Campbell?

Didn’t you listen to what the Lions players or other coaches said about Campbell?

Instead of doing these things, you decided to judge Campbell on the latest Lions record and while I generally like your work, this one is a bit lazy!

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