NDTV reporter hides that defendant in Hyderabad gang rape case is son of Waqf board chairman

Hyderabad police on Saturday arrested two minors, including the son of a senior Waqf board official, in connection with the gang rape of a 17-year-old girl in Jubilee Hills. Uma Sudhir, a “journalist” working for NDTV, took to Twitter to share the aforementioned developments in the case. Notably, the “reporter” has posted many important updates on the case since June 3 on her Twitter account. In her last Tweet, she explained how Hyderabad Police made the second arrest in the case, but conveniently omitted to mention that the accused was the son of a Waqf Board leader.

The NDTV reporter tweeted: “Second arrest in #HyderabadGangrape case: one of three minors out of five accused, taken into custody by #Hyderabadpolice; he happens to be the son of the #TRS leader recently elected to head a major community body @[email protected]”

In her carefully crafted Tweet, the NDTV reporter wrote that the arrested minor happens to be the son of a TRS leader, recently elected to head a major community body. She deliberately avoided mentioning the name ‘Waqf Board’ and instead referred to it as an ‘important community body’.

Notably, after the revelation of the gang rape case, the media reported that the sons of two personalities were involved in the crime. One is said to be the son of an AIMIM MP, and the other is said to be the son of a TRS leader, who also happens to be the chairman of the Waqf board. Many media houses, including several on the left as well, reported the same. Yesterday police said MP AIMIM’s son was not present at the time of the crime but the son of another VIP was involved.

The report published by TNIE
The report published by News 18

However, what is surprising is that despite the public information, the NDTV “reporter” refrained from mentioning the name of the Islamic organization.

What is more intriguing is that Uma Sudhir did not even hesitate once to state that the accused was the son of a TRS leader, but she had difficulty indicating that this leader of the TRS is also the chairman of the “Waqf Board”. It was most likely his frantic attempt to give the crime a “secular” twist. She, like her left-liberal secular cohorts, undoubtedly did not want to portray a Muslim as the author. This cabal of left-liberals, in their unconditional affection for Islamists, has been whitewashing crimes committed by Islamists for years, and this seems to be one of those classic cases.

NDTV ‘journalist’ rejects community angle in Hindu murder case

Here it becomes pertinent to mention that Uma Sudhir had also earlier tried to dismiss the communal angle in a case where Muslims were the perpetrator. In May 2022, a day after a Hindu was brutally murdered on the streets of Hyderabad for marrying a Muslim woman by the woman’s family, Uma Sudhir, editor of controversial news network NDTV, attempted to cover up the religious connotations of the murder. She then urged people not to give a communal or caste color to the incident, when 25-year-old Hindu man Nagaraju was stabbed to death by two Muslim men for marrying a Muslim woman.

This is the same NDTV “journalist” who, in 2018, tried to enlighten victims of sexual harassment, presumably to protect her husband, accused of sexually assaulting his colleague.

The Hyderabad rape case

Meanwhile, of the five people identified as charged with this heinous crime, police had already arrested Saduddin Malik on Friday. Two juvenile culprits were arrested today, including the leader of the TRS and the son of the chairman of the Waqf council. Another adult accused, Umran Khan, and another underage boy involved in the offense remain at large.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (West Area) Joel Davis held a press conference yesterday and said the child victim could only identify one of the accused, and the others were identified using CCTV footage. He said police identified 5 culprits according to CCTV footage and according to the victim impact statement. He informed that of the 5 culprits who have been identified, three are minors.

The underage girl was gang raped in Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, on May 28, 2022. The Mercedes car in which the crime took place belongs to the head of TRS. The victim girl had gone to attend a party at Amnesia and Insomnia pub in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. Apparently the culprits took her out of the party in the Mercedes car and then gang-raped her.

In his complaint to Jubilee Hills Police Station on June 1, the girl’s father said boys in a Mercedes car dragged his daughter out of the pub and took her to the car, then raped her collectively.

According to the father’s complaint, his daughter had gone to a pub party on the afternoon of May 28. At around 5:30 p.m., boys took her away in a red Mercedes numbered TS09 FL6460. Along with that, some boys came there in an Innova with a temporary registration number.

The father also stated in his complaint that these boys also abused and assaulted his daughter, as a result of which she suffered minor neck injuries. At this time, the girl was in deep shock and was unable to tell the exact details of what had happened.

Based on the complaint of the minor girl’s father, a case was filed against the accused under Sections 354, 376 and 323 of the ICC and Sections 9 and 10 of the POCSO Act.

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