NBA writer asks Jim Trotter for Junior Seau’s contact info

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Veteran NFL reporter Jim Trotter tweeted a bizarre request he received from an anonymous NBA writer on Thursday, seeking contact details for the Football Hall of Fame Junior Bucket.

“I’m trying to reach Junior Seau to find out what he thinks of the NFL’s $1 billion donation to the cannabis industry to study the impact of cannabinoids on the treatment of pain,” said the writer in his email to Trotter.

Unbeknownst to the NBA writer, Seau is unavailable for comment as he has been dead for nearly a decade. Not only was the reporter wrong in asking for Seau’s contact information, but the NFL is donating $1 million to the cannabis industry, not $1 billion.

For those unaware, like the NBA writer who solicited Seau’s comments, the former NFL linebacker died by suicide in 2012 and was later found to have CTE, a brain condition. related to head trauma.

Trotter replied to the scribe and suggested he try googling Seau. The NBA writer offered a sarcastic response, citing 30 years of experience and saying, “I’d rather do my own interviews than rely on Google.”

Finally, Trotter had to inform the writer that Seau was no longer alive, as he received a excuses from the NBA writer.

“I apologize. I’m a basketball writer first and foremost. I didn’t know what happened to Junior. I didn’t know.

Based on Trotter’s half-hearted attempt to block the writer’s name and affiliation with Boardroom.TV, as well as information provided that he had been a basketball writer for 30 years, Determined Twitter the scribe to be Chris Sheridan.

Google may not have all the answers, but sometimes using Google is the answer. Rest in peace, Mr. Seau.

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