MS Dhoni press conference | “Not exactly as I remember it”: Australian journalist reacts to famous PC World T20 2016 with MS Dhoni


Australian journalist reacts to famous PC World T20 2016 with Dhoni | Photo credit: AP


  • MS Dhoni’s conversation with an Australian journalist at World T20 2016 is one of the funniest moments involving him
  • At a post-match press conference, Dhoni was asked how long he plans to continue playing
  • The then Indian skipper invited the reporter to sit next to him and had a frank conversation with him during the presser

Over the course of a 16-year international career, MS Dhoni has earned the Indian team several accolades in the biggest of tournaments. Still, there have been occasions when his teams have failed to make it all the way. One of those occasions was the ICC World T20 where the West Indies beat India in the semifinals of the 2016 T20 World Cup.

It all happened at the press conference after India withdrew from the tournament. As Dhoni sat behind the table to answer reporters’ question, an Australian journalist by the name of Samuel Ferris subtly asked Dhoni about his retirement plans. The way Dhoni reacted to the question, however, left everyone in awe.

Years later after the incident, as a fan spoke about it on the internet, Ferris took to Twitter to suggest that the way he remembered the incident was a little different.

Here’s how the conversation went at the press conference:

Ferris: MS, you’ve done almost everything. Do you want to continue playing after this tournament?

Dhoni: Come here, let’s have fun. Come here please. Come, come, come … seriously! Yeah, come on! (Ferris walks over to sit next to Dhoni on the podium)

Dhoni: Do you want me to retire?

Ferris: No! This is what I asked you.

Dhoni: I was hoping he was an Indian media guy because I can’t really say if you have a brother or a son who can play for India or who is a wicket keeper. Do you think I am unfit?

Ferris: No.

Dhoni: Did you see me run?

Ferris: Very quickly.

Dhoni: Do you think I can survive until the 2019 World Cup?

Ferris: Yes of course.

Dhoni: Then you answered the question (the whole room bursts into laughter)

Ferris: Thank you sir.

In a conversation with had earlier recalled the incident saying he had become quite nervous after being invited by the Dhoni to the bail. Moments after the press conference ended, Ferris’ Twitter account kept buzzing as his peers informed him he had a trending. Ferris was so overwhelmed by what had happened that he struggled to remember the smallest details and even had to look at his credentials to verify his name.

Ferris was even surrounded by the local press who asked him several questions after the dramatic incident that had unfolded. It was then that the Australian journalist realized what sports people feel when they are overwhelmed by such questions by the media. No wonder the way he remembers the incident is a little different.

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