Moon Knight Writer Wants to Make a “Weird, Dimension-Jumping Excalibur”

Moon Knight head writer Jeremy Slater is eager to adapt Excalibur, calling the Arthurian legend-inspired X-Men spin-off a “dream project.”

Moon Knight Head Writer Jeremy Slater has revealed that the Marvel property he would most like to work on is Excalibur.

Slater described adapting the lesser-known X-Men spinoff series for the screen as his “dream project”. Citing founding team members Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde as two of his favorite characters, the Moon Knight the scribe teased his point of view Excalibur would be “super weird” and boast a “dimension-hopping” plot.

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Excalibur debuted in 1987 Excalibur special edition #1 by Chris Claremont and Alan Davis. The team was led by Captain Britain, and its initial roster included Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde, Phoenix (Rachel Summers, not Jean Grey), and Kitty’s alien dragon Lockheed. Excalibur regularly embarked on interdimensional adventures that often incorporated elements of the Arthurian legend-inspired backstory of Captain Britain. The group has disbanded and reformed several times in the years since, with the team’s most recent incarnation joining forces in 2019’s “Dawn of X” initiative.

Excaliburclose ties with x-men continuity and its reliance on the multiverse concept would have made it an unlikely fit for the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the past. Recent developments in the MCU, however, make an adaptation much more viable. Not only does Marvel Studios now own the screen rights to the X franchise, but Loki, What if…? and Spider-Man: No Coming Home have firmly established the existence of the multiverse in the MCU canon. That said, Marvel Studios has yet to officially announce plans to bring the X-Men into the MCU, which means fans likely won’t see Slater. Excalibur soon.

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Slater’s recent flurry of press events and interviews suggests he’s currently too busy with Moon Knight to take on yet another MCU project, anyway. The writer recently addressed the controversy surrounding the alleged erasure of Marc Spector’s Jewish heritage from the Disney+ series. “Conservation [Moon Knight’s] The Jewish faith was important to our entire editorial staff. It’s something that will definitely be explored in later episodes,” he wrote.

Slater also commented on how Moon Knight pushes its PG-13 rating to the limit. “I was like, ‘But let’s get as many PG-13s as we can,’ he said. be never seen before in an MCU thing.’ And Marvel was so supportive of it, they were so cool about it.”

Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney+, with new episodes arriving every Wednesday.

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The Moon Knight Villain Has The Same Plan As Another Major MCU Threat

The Moon Knight Villain Has The Same Plan As Another Major MCU Threat

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