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When you’re a time-traveling warrior armed with cutting-edge knowledge and technology like Marvel Comics’ Kang the Conqueror, you’re rarely caught off guard. However, it can happen. In December, the time-traveling enemy of the Avengers, recently played by Jonathan Majors in Disney + Loki series, will find himself in this unlucky situation and faced with a surprise threat. This enemy threatens not only to disrupt the present, but also the distant future of the Marvel Universe.

Kang’s Time Travel Quest is written by Jed MacKay and drawn by artists Kev Walker, Greg Land, and Mark Bagley in a one-shot comic book titled Timeless. The story gives readers a glimpse of what 2022 and beyond for several heroes in the Marvel Universe. CBR spoke with MacKay about the scale of these revelations and his take on the complex story of Kang and the Conqueror. Also included with this interview are exclusive Timeless preview pages of Walker, Land and Bagley, and with the colors of Marte Gracia. The first two images are from Walker, the third image is from Land, and the last two images are from Bagley.

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CBR: You’re known to use continuity from the past to fuel present-day stories, but Timeless is a story where allusions to the future are woven into a tale of today. How big are the revelations you preview in this story?

Jed MacKay: Some are very big! Others are more aimed at fans of specific characters, and some are things that won’t happen at all! During the events of Timeless, the timeline undergoes significant trauma and Kang is put in the fascinating position of not knowing what happens next. Some things that should play out differently, others are happening as planned, while still others are completely new fabrications of a shaken timeline. There will certainly be a lot to speculate on and some very exciting advice for what is to come over the next couple of years.

Thanks to Loki series and to come Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania the film Kang is now well known to the public. How does the Kang you write compare to the MCU portrayal of Jonathan Major?

I think there is a lot of gap [laughs] between Majors like Kang as we’ve seen him so far and Kang as he appears in this comic, in my opinion. Kang of the majors in Loki was the one who remains and not the conqueror, while the Kang that we have in Timeless is entirely the Conqueror – the arrogant warlord who throws himself through human history in his thirst for experience and challenge. Our Kang is the one readers are most likely to be familiar with, and we try to provide a character study of the Conqueror.

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Kang has a pretty complicated story, which can confuse even die-hard Marvel readers. To what extent will accessibility be Timeless be to new readers?

I think that should be pretty accessible – the character from this story’s point of view is a companion that Kang has chosen from the timeline to go with him on his adventures, so we’re with them as Kang goes through trials and tribulations. of the coming chronic collapse. . We’re looking at the Conqueror with fresh eyes, so new readers should have everything they need to get started.

What is Kang’s point of view and agenda in this story?

Kang seeks what he always seeks: excellence. Kang is an interesting character to me because he presents two often contradictory views: he values ​​humanity and all of its achievements, being, in fact, an extreme historian, but also has little or no respect for individuals. other than himself. He loves his kind, but only because it produced Kang, who sees himself as the pinnacle of the human race, the end product of mankind. Kang pursues excellence in all things, extreme self-realization, and has everything in history at his disposal to test himself. When this new threat arises, Kang opposes it not out of altruism but out of selfishness – a new experience to be added to the sum of experiences that is Kang.

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Who or what is Kang up against in Timeless?

Kang finds himself confronted with a dishonest and severed timeline that has fought the entropic disintegration that would normally have dissolved him and seeks to reattach the main timeline. The chronic seriousness of this rogue timeline plays hell with the main timeline. It’s up to Kang to sort this out. Of course, it’s never that easy – and who, or what is keeping this entire pirate timeline together?

Your Timeless The artistic team of Kev Walker, Greg Land and Mark Bagley all have fascinating and very distinctive styles. What can you tell us about the sections of the book that they will cover? How did the story divide?

It split pretty carefully – Kev was working in one of his many strengths, a streak of prehistoric brutality, while Greg took the opposite end of the spectrum, a section of distant futuristic tech, while Mark takes us on a tour. at the end of the world – or a world, at least. Each artist really brought their respective styles to the sections they worked on, and each came out beautiful in a different way.

Ultimately, Timeless Is he planning a number of Marvel titles in 2022, but is he also planning future events?

It sets up all kinds of stuff, and honestly I’m not even sure what it will be. [laughs] All offices were made aware of the things they would like to preview and the pictures we could put in the book, and they went! I will say that we will see these ideas come to fruition in the years to come.

We expect there to be some tantalizing clues and scoops as to what will happen in this story, but our main concern with this one-shot was to tell a great story of Kang, and hopefully the people will appreciate it!

Timeless # 1 hits comic book stands on December 22.

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