Mass Effect Editor-in-Chief “Happy to Consult” on Amazon Series

Former Mass Effect lead writer Drew Karpyshyn and songwriter Sam Hulick are expressing interest in participating in the development of the Amazon series.

Since it was announced that Amazon and EA were close to closing a deal for a Mass Effect series, longtime fans and former writers have questioned whether or not the project was a good idea. Amid the discussions, former lead writer Drew Karpyshyn and songwriter Sam Hulick, who have expressed interest in participating in the adaptation.

On social media, Karpyshyn responded to news of the Mass Effect series writing, “I’m not involved, but can’t wait to be!” He added: “Happy to consult if they want my advice.” Hulick also posted, “I’m going to throw my hat in the ring on this one.”

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Karpyshyn was lead writer on the first Mass Effect game and its sequel. Additionally, he wrote several novels that developed the history of the video game franchise, including a prequel, Mass Effect: Revelation, detailing Saren’s story and her relationship with Captain Anderson. Karpyshyn also wrote Mass Effect: Ascension and Mass effect: retaliation, which bridged the games. The novels were generally well received as links.

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Hulick worked on all three games in the original Mass Effect trilogy as a composer. Much of the soundtrack for the first game was produced by Hulick and Jack Wall, as well as Richard Jacques. Mass effect 2 saw the return of Hulick and Wall, with additional music provided by Jimmy Hinson and David Kates. The Mass Effect 3 score saw Hulick return once again, working alongside Sascha Dikiciyan and Cris Velasco.

Not all of the video game creative teams have been so positive about the prospect of a live-action adaptation. Former Bioware writer David Gaider has expressed his doubts about the success of a Mass Effect series, if it was to adapt the events of the games. He argued that the trilogy was designed to give players control over the central character, Commander Shepard, as well as certain events, meaning that an attempt to adapt and establish certain characteristics of the character would alienate some fans. He also believed that the series would be forced to cut down on certain stories and characters. Similar arguments have been made by fans debating the pros and cons of a Mass Effect adaptation. In the end, Gaider said, “The possibility… makes me cringe a little bit.”

No official announcement has been made regarding the series’ plot. So far, it has only been reported that EA and Amazon are reaching a deal for Mass Effect. It is not known whether the series will adapt the events and characters of the series.

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