Liberian educator and politician set bar for nation’s prosperous future

Dr Q. Somah Paygai

In an effort to realize Liberia’s development momentum and lasting peace and prosperity, especially as the nation approaches what tends to be the most crucial elections in many years, a Liberian politician and educator has set the bar for the country and its people to achieve.

Dr. Q. Somah Paygai, vice-presidential candidate of the former National Patriotic Party (NPP) in power in the 2005 presidential and legislative elections and now a member of the opposition Movement for Progressive Change (MPC), has basically set itself six important goals, each of which is aimed at national peace, security and development.

In his six-point recommendation, Dr. Paygai, who is also a former vice president for administration of the faith-based African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU), placed the effort to recover constitutional democracy and to keep it vital for the future. .

According to him, Liberians must never allow the good system of democracy and good governance as established by the founding fathers of the country to be hindered or threatened.

The Liberian politician and educator was speaking this weekend when he served as the keynote speaker at the induction ceremony for the 4e senior class leader of the AMEU doctoral school.

“The Founding Fathers established separate executive, judicial and legislative branches to create a system of checks and balances that would protect Liberians from tyranny. We must never allow this system to be threatened. The executive branch has increasingly asserted its right, but must never act in secrecy and ignore the laws passed by our national legislature,” Dr Paygai said.

“The courts must meet the challenges posed by these unprecedented claims to presidential power, and the majority in the Legislative Assembly has chosen uncritical support or the president over fulfilling its constitutional duty to oversee and control the executive branch. The judiciary has increasingly substituted its judgment for that of a legislature on matters of national importance. The result is a dangerously unbalanced system. We must insist on a return to the vision of the Framers of three branches which respect and control each other”, he indicated.

In order to realize this, he called on the country’s leaders to look to the future and recognize only one method of leadership – diplomacy, economic development and protection of human rights.

“We must not fail to recognize that poverty and individual humiliation are as dangerous to our security as any weapon. We must return to the most effective ways Liberia has influenced nations across the world in the past: by lending a helping hand and upholding our deepest principles,” the MPC official stressed.

Furthermore, he stressed the need for the government and its people to strive for an economy that works for all and not just the privileged few, adding that the incomes of Liberians are as unequal today as they are. were under President Joseph Jenkins Roberts.

Dr Paygai, also a former chairman of the National Investment Commission (NIC) under former President Charles Taylor, called on the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) government led by President George Manneh Weah to make every effort to provide health care to every Liberian.

“One of the most shocking consequences of inequality in Liberia is that we are able to provide top-notch medical care but we are not making it available to many millions of people,” he said. declared.

“The fifth objective is to resume the march of progress towards equal opportunities for all. We cannot allow the march of progress to stop or reverse. The sixth goal is to restore our core values ​​and reunite our nation,” he stressed.

In a message to senior students at the AMEU graduate school, the institution’s former VPA urged them not to settle for less as they progress through their academic journey.

In his induction speech, the president of the 4e the Randolph P. Swayer graduating class, is committed to serving the interests of all members diligently.

According to him, he will work to ensure that the trust placed in him and the members of the management by the 4e the graduating class returned the favor through responsible leadership that has a deep sense of conscience to serve.

“Our leadership will serve your interests at all levels, no matter who you are. We will go the extra mile to ensure you are well served as we bring a different philosophy to leadership. At the Professional Alliance for Transformation, we lead by serving others,” said Sawyer.

“Let me say this, you promotion, you entrusted us with your right to lead. It is not our right but rather it is a privilege and an opportunity for us to practice another level of responsibility to serve the 4e graduating class,” he continued.

He expressed his sincere thanks to the Professional Transformation Alliance for their tireless efforts working overtime to make their dreams come true.

He pledged that his leadership’s commitment to the implementation of the first audio-visual system that will improve the fluidity of presentation during lecture series and thesis defense, while allowing instructors who teach online to present effectively their lectures to their class with an effective and more interactive way.

Sawyer affirmed that management will also ensure that the graduating class has a memorable graduation program that will encompass social, sports and other activities.

“Dear colleagues, with your support and the support of this great institution, we can all achieve this. We, as senior graduates of the graduate school, are the next group of online leaders as the guest speaker said. We arrived, we realized what this school gave us,” young Sawyer said.

In order for Liberia to be a better place for emerging leaders, he stressed the need for a change in dynamics by putting Liberia above itself.

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