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Writer Pat Rogan’s negative statements are not the view of many voters who elected Mike Loychik in 2020.

The majority of his constituency strongly agrees with Mike Loychik on his bill to “to prohibit” hide mandates for schools. When did the government decide what was best for our children? And when did Americans lose their freedom of choice? Just because the Liberals prefer to be told how to act does not mean that we are all doing it. Freedom is the most important value of American patriots.

This letter writer also fails to recognize other big bills such as Mike Loychik’s bill to tackle the drug epidemic and his bill to make Ohio a Second Amendment sanctuary state. .

As for his complaint that Mike Loychik did not speak to the Tribune Chronicle, it is obvious to me that that newspaper’s political writer, David Skolnick, has a bias. No one believes that Representative Loychik is receiving fair and impartial coverage.

Democrat Tim Ryan responds to his constituents with a form letter that never answers the original question put to him. He represents Trumbull County and ignores the majority opinion of those who voted Republican in 2016 and 2020. With his district likely to be eliminated and losing in his 2024 Senate bid, let’s hope our county will be better off. represented in 2022 and 2024.



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