Letter to the editor: the author of the letter is “overworked and completely biased”


Letter to the Editor:


Christopher Matthew Spencer’s latest rant about the illegality of delivering cannabis to Burbank is yet another off-putting attempt to commandeer this website for its own use as a pulpit of intimidation.

It’s infuriating to know every time I see a new letter to the editor, or a comment on the myBurbank website, that this is likely an entry from Mr. Spencer and that it will seek to be informed and detailed, but ultimately overloaded and completely biased.

I don’t like to say it, but Mr. Spencer either needs to build his own website or learn how to refrain from inundating that community website with his all too often unwelcome unfriendly or condescending letters, articles and comments.

As for his point regarding the delivery of cannabis, we are living in a time of unprecedented change and cannabis is legal in California. It ships throughout our city and state. Burbank has to change over time, and I think our city council knows that.

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As it stands, Mr. Spencer is the only reason I am refraining from visiting this valuable website. I think Mr. Spencer needs to learn from humility, common sense, kindness and, above all, restraint. Or, maybe, run for elected office.

Pamela Lang


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