Launch of the GoodNovel Academy to provide free courses for writers who want to create popular web novels


Posted: October 25, 2021 at 3:15 a.m. EDT|Update: 30 minutes ago

SINGAPORE, 25 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – GoodNovel, a leading online literature platform providing users around the world with excellent reading and writing experiences, launched GoodNovel Academy as an online community for cultivating, creating and incubation of original authors by the platform. GoodNovel Academy offers free writing courses for authors of all skill levels to provide the keys to writing successful web novels.

The goal of GoodNovel Academy is to help aspiring writers create a popular web novel from scratch. The initial launch consists of five free online sections, with more to follow. Sections start with a single sentence construction, then walk writers through the brainstorming processes, creating a premise, characterization, world-building, and plot summary, all of the tools needed to create an exciting, complex and engaging story. To meet the preferences of the platform’s various editors, audio and video versions of the courses are also available.

Academy courses are designed by professional and experienced editors at GoodNovel, ensuring pragmatic methodologies as the foundation for a productive writing career, as well as continuous improvements in craftsmanship and techniques.

Academy was established following the success of GoodNovel, which now features a large group of multilingual writers submitting original stories to a global readership on a daily basis. In view of this enormous volume, the need has been identified to cultivate excellence in our writers, in order to ensure that their talent has a market value. GoodNovel’s response has been to put in place systematic long-term cultivation programs.

Beginning in 2021, writer benefit programs have been launched on the platform, including Writer Rewards, Author Brand, and Author Project, all aimed at improving GoodNovel’s service offering and enabling authors to improve their income. GoodNovel has leading experience in acquiring and marketing good stories and is therefore uniquely positioned to solve the problems authors have in writing and promoting their works, instead of letting them find often little prospect elsewhere. objectives.

In the very near future, GoodNovel plans to use more resources to help young writers around the world continue to improve the quality of their stories.

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GoodNovel ( is a multilingual online literature platform that provides users around the world with excellent reading and writing experiences. Original fiction and stories are submitted daily by local authors around the world, for readers around the world to experience the myriad of fantastic worlds on their digital devices.

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