Kyle Shanahan’s philosophy for taking the 49ers to the Super Bowl: ‘Styles make the fights’


01/25/2022 –

Jhe San Francisco 49ers fought their way through the playoffs with an aggressive style and powerful attacks reminiscent of the NFL days of yore.

the Niners have won games their way and won’t let anyone tell them they’re an inferior team to get to the Super Bowl. On the contrary, led by Jimmy Garoppolo, they’ve shown they can wear down their opponents with a steady regimen of physicality at the line of scrimmage.

In their last three games, the 49ers the defense racked up 77 pressures, while getting the opposing team’s quarterback blocked five times in each of those three games. The numbers are solid, considering that two of those three games came against teams that finished the season in the top five in pass blocking success rates (Rams, Packers).

“It took everything” Garoppolo said FOX Sports’ Tom Rinaldi after the game against the Packers. “We knew it was coming. I mean, just attack, defence, special teams, everyone is pitching in, doing their part. I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Kyle Shanahan’s philosophy

the 49ers have exceeded a 30% pressure rating in seven consecutive games and exceeded 40% in five of those seven games. they pressured Aaron Rodgers at a rate of 32.4%.

“We knew [we were getting a last chance] on the sidelines,” he added. “The defense was holding them back. They really couldn’t do much offensively. We knew it would only take one ride. We chained a couple there, especially at the end, with the guys stepping up big in key moments. It was just a big team effort. It was awesome.”

Kyle Shanahan built a team with a vision to be the bullies we’ve seen them become. This can largely be attributed not only to the physical appearance of the blockage, but also to the hardness of the 49ers ball carriers were when carrying the stone.

Rookie running back Elijah Mitchell leads all players in this postseason with 114 yards after contact, averaging 2.59 yards per attempt. Deebo Samuel traveled an average of 2.70 meters after contact.

So the 49ers continue to validate an old adage “the styles make the fights”. Although they don’t have a whiz kid like Patrick Mahomes or Joe Burrow, San Francisco has proven they can win games in their own way.

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