Kevin Samuels cause of death believed to be hypertension

The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office announced its conclusions regarding the death of Kevin Samuels, the controversial social media personality who died in May at the age of 57.

According to a report by TMZ, the bureau said Samuels’ death was “the result of hypertension” as the death was classified as one of natural causes. The TMZ report mentions in particular atenolol, a beta-blocker often prescribed to people suffering from hypertension.

This development should end any further speculation regarding his death having been suspicious in any way. As previously reported, Samuels was with an unknown woman at the time of his death in May.

The resort has contacted the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office for additional comment.

News of Samuels’ death began spreading on social media in May, with the influencer’s mother later revealing that was how she first learned of her son’s passing.

“It was a terrible thing for social media to post that,” she said. Told NBC News at the time. “I did not even know.”

Shortly after Samuels’ death, he was featured in an anthology episode of Donald Glover Atlanta, playing “businessman/philanthropist/philosopher/Christian” Robert “Shea” Lee. The episode in question, titled “Rich Wigga, Poor Wigga,” sparked much discussion on Twitter and beyond and was one of many surprise moments in the show’s acclaimed third season.

Meanwhile, an alleged GoFundMe page focused on funeral expenses has already been criticized by Samuels’ family as having been started by “an impostor.” When contacted by Complex, a representative from the fundraising platform confirmed that they had been in contact with the family regarding the disputed account.

“As such, our Trust & Safety team is proactively monitoring the platform for fundraisers created in the family’s name and will remove fundraisers started without the family’s consent,” the rep said. GoFundMe at Complex at the time. “Worth noting, we often see fundraisers started in response to news like this by friends, neighbors and even strangers with good intentions because people want to help. Our goal is to always protect donors.

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