Karnataka CM Calls BJP MP Subramanian Swamy “Independent Politician”


On Wednesday September 15, the Chief Minister of Karnataka, Basavaraj S Bommai, caused a sensation in referred to BJP Deputy Subramanian Swamy as an “independent politician”. Speaking during a debate in the Karnataka Assembly, the CM said that Swamy’s character and strength is to speak against his own party and leadership.

“You know the Subramanian Swamy well. Whichever party he belongs to, he is like an independent politician. He says whatever comes to mind. Based on his analysis, he keeps saying things, ”Basavaraj S Bommai said.

Bommai said Swamy spoke out against the Janata Party leadership and then against Janata Dal. “While in government, he spoke out against then Prime Minister Chandrashekhar. This is the character and the strong point of Subramanian Swamy ”, he said. added.

Karnataka CM’s comment on Subramanian Swamy came after Siddaramaaiah mentioned the latter’s Tweet where he shared fake data on oil prices in India

The Karnataka chief minister’s remark came after opposition leader Siddaramaaiah quoted a February tweet from Subramanian Swamy in which the BJP leader shared false data on oil prices in India.

Swamy in February attacked the oil prices in India by invoking the Ramayana. He said gasoline cost Rs. 92 in “Ram’s India”, Rs 53 in “Sita’s Nepal” and Rs 51 in “Ravan’s Lanka”. OpIndia then wrote in detail how far the disgruntled leader’s Tweet, which could only be described as a “WhatsApp forward”, was far from reality.

It is no secret that Subramanian Swamy was angered by his exclusion from government, as he hoped to be a minister in the Modi government. He is frequently seen on social media spreading misinformation and baseless allegations. He recently launched conspiracy theories, claiming that the siege of Red Fort on Republic Day was a PMO plot. He also launched an anti-vaccine tirade in response to the Modi government’s Covid-19 vaccination campaign.

Meanwhile, citing this Tweet, Siddaramaiah had searched the BJP government for rising fuel prices and its cascading impact on other commodities. Senior Congressman and former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, who, along with other congressional leaders, recently launched a protest march in ox-carts against the price of fuel, LPG cylinders and commodities, joked to the assembly, “It was not me who said that, but Subramanian Swamy, who is a member of the Rajya Sabha of the BJP. He was your father’s friend (former CM Late SR Bommai).

He had also challenged the BJP leadership to sack Swamy if he was not right. “I have no objection if the BJP leadership tolerates his statement. Remember he is an economist and you made him your member of the Rajya Sabha, ”Siddaramaiah said.

To this, Bommai admitted that indeed Swamy is an economic genius and that the party has always given him due credit.

Subramanian Swamy responds to Karnataka CM

However, Bommai’s remark did not go well with Subramanian Swamy, who belatedly became very critical of his own party and lost no chance of taking punches against the Modi government.

Swamy in a tweet replied to the Karnataka CM saying that he did not rise in politics by “licking the boots but spreading the truth”.

Karnataka Congress Rides Ox Carts to Protest Rising Fuel Prices

Lately, the Karnataka Congress has used high fuel prices in India as a tool to launch an attack on the BJP government. On August 13, several congressional leaders traveled to Karnataka Vidhana Soudha in oxcarters to protest against the price of fuel, LPG cylinders and basic necessities. Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) Chairman DK Shivakumar and Opposition Leader Siddaramaaiah and several other key leaders joined the protest and drove to the state assembly in bullock carts. .

However, while there, two congressmen, Venkataramanappa and BK Sangamesh fell from the oxcarts in the melee seen at the protest rally.

The purpose of the demonstration was to highlight the failure of the power dispensation to stop rising inflation on the first day of the State Assembly session.

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