Justice for Sara strains after Pakistani journalist’s son brutally murders his wife

Friday, September 23 in the morning, the son of a famous Pakistani journalist killed his wife for 3 months in the city of Shahzad in Islamabad in Pakistan.

According to reports, the accused has been identified as Shahnawaz Amir. He is the son of famous Pakistani journalist Ayaz Amir and his wife Sameena Shah. Shahnawaz had married the victim, identified as Canadian national Sara Inam, about three months ago. She worked in Abu Dhabi but moved to Islamabad at the insistence of Shahnawaz’s parents.

A day before the brutal murder, Sara had a falling out with the defendant after the latter changed ownership of his Mercedes car to her name without her knowledge. On Friday morning, they argued again over the same issue and an angry Shahnawaz then bludgeoned her to death.

Apparently, the police station officer (SHO) of Shahzad city police station, Nawazish Ali Khan, was informed by the defendant’s mother about the horrific murder of Sara Inam. As soon as he received information, he rushed to the farm with a team of police.

Cops arrested Shahnawaz, whose hands were reportedly soaked in blood. According to reports, the accused confessed to killing his wife with a barbell and hiding her corpse in his bathroom tub.

The police recovered the body of the deceased, in addition to the murder weapon which was hidden under the bed. Sara’s body was sent to Islamabad Polyclinic Hospital for autopsy.

Arrest warrant issued for parents, Shahnawaz taken into custody for 2 days

On Saturday September 24, a local court in Islamabad issued arrest warrants for the parents of Shahnawaz Amir. The court had also remanded the accused to 2 days in police custody.

However, the police initially requested Shahnawaz to be remanded for 10 days. They also asked for custody of his parents, believing they could influence the investigation into the case. According to a police official, the duo went into hiding after the arrest warrant was issued. The police official confirmed that efforts were underway to catch them as soon as possible.

Calls for justice for Sara have taken the Pakistani internet by storm

The incident sparked massive outrage on social media, with celebrities and influencers speaking out about the plight of women in the Islamic republic.

Artist Muniba Mazari wrote: “Another day. Another life. Another hashtag. This society has bred monsters and this continuous vicious circle of violence and terror seems endless. While Noor Muqaddam is still waiting for justice, we have lost Sara, another soul, another human killed by her own husband! #JusticeForSara”

Feminist Maheen Ghani has questioned the deafening silence on Sarah Inam’s murder. “Is it because he is the son of Ayaz Amir? #JusticeforSara,” she asked.

“We have yet to get justice for Noor Muqaddam and #JusticeforSara is all the rage. How many hashtags will it take as the bodies of brutally murdered Pakistani women pile up? Hashtag justice does not work. The systemic rot delays justice. Watch this,” wrote journalist Saba Eitizaz.

Journalist Asma Ali Zain pointed out, “We believe that when a woman is educated and financially independent, it becomes easier to walk away from toxic relationships. But neither Noor nor Sarah could do it. Toxic men don’t stop until a woman doesn’t exist. #JusticeforSara”

Journalist Hamza Azhar Salam has highlighted the political connection between Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf and murder accused Shahnawaz Amir.

“Too bad that most of the PTI leaders don’t convict Ayaz Amir’s son for the murder of his wife just because the father-son duo have a close relationship with Imran Khan. Ayaz Amir once applied for a PMLN ticket for his son but was rejected by the party,” he pointed out.

Previously, the high-profile murder case of Noor Mukadam sent shock waves across Pakistan. The 27-year-old woman was killed on the night of July 20 by her boyfriend Zahir Jaffar.

Mukadam was the daughter of former Pakistani diplomat to South Korea and Kazakhstan, Shaukat Ali Mukadam. She was shot and then stabbed and beheaded mercilessly with a sharp weapon by Jaffar. The accused is the son of the CEO of a major construction company in Islamabad.

Reports suggested that Jaffar brutally murdered the victim after she broke up with him. He couldn’t handle the refusal and killed her. He was arrested on the spot and taken to the police station.

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