Juan Williams: Biden and Manchin are the most influential politicians of 2021

President BidenJoe BidenBiden will speak on the economy on Tuesday, with NAACP chairman imminent, NAACP chairman calling Rittenhouse verdict “a wake-up call for vigilante justice to be allowed” Democrats optimistic as the Social spending bill heads to Senate PLUSthe approval rating of is low. His party suffered a big loss in the race for governor of Virginia. And all of DC’s pundits are predicting disaster for his party midway through 2022.

So how is Joe Biden the winner of My Politician of the Year 2021?

He gets the title because he is the politician who last year had the greatest impact on national politics.

To see why Biden deserves this honor, take a step back from the Edge of Fate. So look beyond the tired conventional wisdom.

Start by asking yourself a simple and revealing question:

Is Biden on his way to becoming one of the most important presidents in American history?

The answer is absolutely yes.

Here are the facts.

First, Biden put the historic COVID-19 pandemic largely in the rearview mirror by vaccinating most Americans. And he did so despite Republicans undermining him by doing vaccinations, wearing masks and social distancing in polarizing political fights.

Second, Biden adopted a massive back-up plan that kept the economy afloat through the tough days of last year.

Yes, people are worried about inflation now.

Again, look beyond conventional wisdom.

The point is, the country’s economic base is strong, thanks to high consumer spending and rising wages. Savings are up, child poverty is down, and the stock market has hit new highs more than fifty times in Biden’s first year in office.

Third, Biden passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill, the largest bill in years.

Oh, and he stepped in to keep his campaign promise to end the longest war in American history. The war in Afghanistan has bled the country with treasures and the lives of American soldiers.

Presidents Trump, Obama and Bush all knew it was high time to leave Afghanistan. But the advisers told them it was a risky political step.

No exit is ever easy and 13 Americans have lost their lives.

But how many soldiers would have died if another president had allowed the war to continue?

As if that weren’t enough, it’s entirely possible that Biden will secure another historic legislative victory now that the House has passed his big bill to repair and expand the social safety net.

How can the conventional wisdom about Biden be so wrong?

Keep in mind that no one in the press wants to sound like they’re praising Biden after so much criticism of Trump.

Biden’s exceptional year comes immediately after Trump repeatedly misled the public about the severity of the pandemic, failed to bring it under control, and failed to deal with the economic damage it has caused .

Trump has been pushing pharmaceutical companies to speed up vaccine development. But his historic mismanagement of the virus cost him a second term. Check the exit polls.

And Biden deserves extra points for getting a politically divided nation back on track despite Trump’s dirty tactics. Trump refused to admit he lost last year’s election and then instigated an insurgency on Jan.6.

Another Joe finishes second on my list of Politician of the Year: Sen. Joe manchinJoe ManchinTlaib ‘Fears’ As Social Spending Plan Heads To Senate Democrats Optimistic As Social Spending Bill Heads To Senate Ocasio-Cortez: Spending Plan Must Pass Soon Or Will Be “difficult” for Democratic leaders “to get votes on anything” MORE (DW.Va.).

Like Biden himself at times, Manchin has been the butt of the wrath of progressive activists in the halls of Congress, on social media and on cable news.

Earlier this year, the comedian Bill maherWilliam (Bill) Maher What should never be asked about COVID-19 and vaccines – nor ever revealed Juan Williams: Trump kills American democracy Bill Maher pushes back Chappelle’s criticisms: “What the hell was that reaction?” FOLLOWING Manchin joked that “for a Democrat he is the most powerful Republican in the Senate.”

Frustrated liberal commentators who also view the West Virginia Democrat as too moderate are sarcastically calling him “Prime Minister Manchin.”

Well, I don’t know if I would go that far.

But it is true that Manchin opposed larger spending on Biden’s bill to improve the country’s social safety net programs.

By limiting spending, Manchin angered the Liberals. But it also makes this bill more palatable to moderate voters in the suburbs.

Democrats will need these voters in next year’s midterm election.

The conventional wisdom of the left and the right overlooks the fact that Manchin continues to support Biden and the Democrats’ historic legislative agenda.

“I believe in President Biden,” Manchin said in a recent interview with CNN. “We just have to work together. We cannot go too far to the left… We are a center, even center-right country… I am financially responsible and socially compassionate.

It’s hard to argue with the electorate’s reading of Manchin, especially after the results in Virginia.

Manchin and Biden are betting Democrats can adopt policies Americans want to reward with their vote.

“Presidents are judged by history,” David Brooks wrote in The New York Times last week. “This administration will be judged on whether it has reduced inequalities, widened opportunities, created the material basis for greater national unity. It’s doing that.

For their efforts and efficiency in carrying this banner, the two Joes are the best politicians of 2021.

Juan Williams is an author and political analyst for Fox News Channel.

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